Let’s talk talent


I recently read two books by Daniel Coyle on the subject of talent. I enjoyed these books particularly because as a musician the word “talent” gets thrown around quite a bit. As a teenager I remember being slightly miffed at well meaning people who complimented me on my talent. “It’s not talent,” I’d mutter under [...]

Rainy Day Art


Need a rainy day activity for your children? Here’s a really, really simple one that came out surprisingly well.   Draw a picture on a paper towel with washable markers. Hang it out on the line in the rain and see what happens to the colors. The final pictures were quite pretty and colorful! Idea [...]

September read-alouds


One of the best parts about finally getting into a routine is getting back into our read-alouds. We’re still getting into our groove, but we still managed to read quite a bit, or rather to finish up reading quite a few books this month. Here’s what we enjoyed. The Random House Book of Fairy Tales   [...]

Life Lately


I’m at the point with the blog that I have so many things to write about that I’m nearly paralyzed. So in an effort to just write something to get myself going, I thought I just post a catch-all post about life lately. Paris, obviously! We ended our summer with an incredible month away in [...]

On a change of perspective {life as a pedestrian family}

life as a pedestrian family

I have always appreciated the many benefits of living without a car. They are numerous. But I have to tell you that there are also some very hard things about it. I’ll share some of the difficulties we have run into in another post, but today I wanted to share with you my own personal [...]