September read-alouds


One of the best parts about finally getting into a routine is getting back into our read-alouds. We’re still getting into our groove, but we still managed to read quite a bit, or rather to finish up reading quite a few books this month. Here’s what we enjoyed. The Random House Book of Fairy Tales¬†¬† [...]

Life Lately


I’m at the point with the blog that I have so many things to write about that I’m nearly paralyzed. So in an effort to just write something to get myself going, I thought I just post a catch-all post about life lately. Paris, obviously! We ended our summer with an incredible month away in [...]

On a change of perspective {life as a pedestrian family}

life as a pedestrian family

I have always appreciated the many benefits of living without a car. They are numerous. But I have to tell you that there are also some very hard things about it. I’ll share some of the difficulties we have run into in another post, but today I wanted to share with you my own personal [...]

Getting there, not just arriving {life as a pedestrian family}


We’re walking to church one Sunday morning and Stefan stops to point out a spider web he sees on a gate. We stop and notice the intricate detail and chat a few moments about everything from Charlotte’s Web to The Very Busy Spider to the bug that we notice is caught in the web. All [...]

A summer of re-evaluation


I’ve been taking a lot of time this summer to reflect on our first year in Scotland and prepare for the next one. It’s hard to believe that we are close to calling this first year a wrap. Didn’t we just move? In many ways it has been a perfectly lovely year with everything we [...]