Snapshots of life #1


I’m starting a new set of posts. This is my catchall, doesn’t fit into any one category, but I still want to remember it post. Several other bloggers do this and there are several names floating around. For now, I’ll just use this and maybe I’ll come up with a better title for it in […]

Read-aloud books in 2014

farmer boy

It’s still January so I can still post a recap post from last year, right? Here’s a quick look at what I read aloud to the kids this year. I feel like I’m missing a few but this is what I have recorded anyway! In addition to the 49 books I read this past year, […]

What I Read in 2014

Without comments, I’m listing here the books I read in 2014. Feel free to ask me about specific books in the comments! I categorized it somewhat, but many overlap. You understand. Education/Parenting Your Seven Year Old: Life in a Minor Key by Louise Bates Ames Teaching from Rest: A Homeschooler’s Guide to Unshakable Peace by […]

A real life holiday season


My washing machine floods. The repair man finally comes only to tell us that it has to be replaced. Eleven days later I finally get a new one. (In case you are wondering that’s a lot of laundry.) The flu hits our household. Its slow walk through the family means we are housebound (still are) […]

A restful holiday season

Christmas Candles

You may be thinking, based on the title of this post, that I’m referring to the number of hours of sleep you get each night or carefully selecting activities so your calendar doesn’t get over-crowded. These are great things of course, but that has little to do with the type of rest I am thinking […]