It’s okay to just be

I had a post written about what life in transition has taught me, but for some reason it just didn’t feel right to post. I couldn’t figure out why because it was all true, but I finally realized that while it was true, it felt forced. I was trying to end a life season so […]

January 2016 read alouds

A lot has changed in our lives the past few months, but at least reading has remained a constant. Reading aloud together has helped us to find our groove more than anything else. When we all are feeling out of sorts and not sure which end is up, I grab a book, invite a child […]

A much over due update

It’s been so long since I last wrote I hardly know how to start. In fact, I’ve had various things along the way that I have wanted to write about, but felt strange writing when you had no idea what was going on. Actually, I was somewhat paralyzed by it. I want to write, but […]

Travel with kids and some sites in Brighton, England

This week we took a brief holiday in southern England. We went down on Monday and came back on Friday so it was a quick trip, but we got to spend time with family, experience some warmer weather, and enjoy the city and beach of Brighton for a couple of days. It was wonderful. What […]

A homeschool wrap up

This past week officially finished up our year of homeschooling. Schools here do not get out until July 3rd so we roughly went with the same schedule. It worked well as we had taken some time off right after Maisie’s birth. We had a great year. When I zoom back and focus on the year […]