October 2014 read-alouds


I’m taking a break in the picture heavy posts I’ve been sharing to share a little reading with you. Honestly, I’m having trouble realizing that October is over. Where did it go? We didn’t finish very many books this month, but the ones we did were good! Abel’s Island by William Steig (Newberry Honor) was [...]

Local charm in the fishing villages


We enjoyed visiting four of the small fishing villages that are just south of us. We could actually go to most of these by bus, but it is somewhat inconvenient, and since they are really small the time spent on the bus to get there wouldn’t really be worth it. However, they are darling, and [...]

River Tay, Dunkeld, and Beatrix Potter


We were told that the town of Dunkeld which sits right on the River Tay was a charming place to visit. We were not disappointed, but my real reason for wanting to go to this part of Scotland is because of a certain Peter Rabbit. Or rather, the creator of the lovely tales known as [...]

Our first time exploring in the highlands


We’ve rented a van for the week and are exploring things that are within day trip distances from our home. I can already tell you that we are going to be exhausted by the end of the week, but we are loving it. I’m loving it. It’s like a breath of fresh air to just [...]

Let’s talk talent


I recently read two books by Daniel Coyle on the subject of talent. I enjoyed these books particularly because as a musician the word “talent” gets thrown around quite a bit. As a teenager I remember being slightly miffed at well meaning people who complimented me on my talent. “It’s not talent,” I’d mutter under [...]