20 Ways to Be More Productive

Summer has barely begun and I already realize I need to maximize my time in order to have plenty of time for the fun stuff. We have our bucket list and already in the last couple of weeks we have been to the pool, the zoo, a splash park, and have enjoyed several impromptu picnics at the park. This is what summertime memories are made.

But responsibilities still have to be met, and summertime is a great time to set some new goals for productivity. I am a homebody, and in the winter I stay home a lot. I have lots of good routines in place, and things run smoothly around the house. In the summer, however, we leave the house more often. Mostly this is just to go to the park. Any time I leave, however, it is a lot easier for the house to become messy. We bring back a trail of dirt, mud, water, and all kinds of things. I realized in the last few weeks I need to remind myself how to be more productive. Even my routines for paying the bills and taking care of business are changing with summertime, and I need to make sure I don’t neglect anything.

 20 Ways to be more productive so you can get outside!

1. Do one thing.

2. Know your body and when you work best.

3. Get it on paper.

4. Eat well and drink water.

5. Eliminate Distractions. (Internet, anyone?)

6. Do your most dreaded job first.

7. Know your priorities.

8. Know when to say no.

9. Get enough sleep.

10. Schedule down time.

11. Don’t confuse the urgent with what is truly important.

12. Put things away.

13. Stop. Take a breath. Intentionally decide what to do next.

14. Get moving.

15. Don’t be a perfectionist.

16. Delegate. (Even to your children!)

17. Set a timer for short spurts.

18. Be mentally prepared for interruptions. It will happen.

19. Plan. Be diligent. But give your days to God.

20. Be productive. But don’t forget the people in your life.

So get your work done and then get outside! Don’t let summer pass you by without doing the fun things. But don’t let your house and your other responsibilities get neglected in the process either.

What are your productivity tips? Let’s keep the list going.

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  1. I don’t have a tip to add, but #18 hits home. I sometimes struggle with planning too little vs planning too much. Plan too little, and the day just seems to get lost. Plan too much, and when the interruptions come, the day falls apart. I used to consider myself very flexible and “go with the flow.” But now, with kids and the house, it can be a challenge to balance flexibility with productivity. Thanks for the great list, awareness can eliminate half of the battle :)

    • Johanna says:

      One thing that has helped me with that is to have a list, and then have only a couple of items that are starred as “must do.” That way if I have time, I know where I need to accomplish, but if not I don’t stress as long as I go my ‘must do’s’ done!

  2. I try to utilize #6 as much as possible…

    To add: for trips to the park or pool or whatever pack bags ahead of time so you can just grab and go. Otherwise, it takes forever to get out of the house and we inevitably get there and realize we forgot something.

    • Johanna says:

      GREAT tip. Like today when we went on a picnic and I was rushing around like a mad woman. :) I do have our pool bag all set and it does help make that outing a little easier!

  3. I keep having to remind myself to be realistic with expectations! Love your list, this helps so much. I feel in good company. :)

  4. Wow, I can’t believe you guys have already packed in that much fun this soon.

    Great list. Here’s my tip. Make the best of the time you have. You may look at a project and say, “I need an hour to do this.” The problem is you only have 15 minutes available. Decide and do what you can in 15 minutes, or find something else productive to do with the time you have. Even if it’s just to empty the mail bin. It’s the small victories.

    • Johanna says:

      I am so bad about not doing anything because I think I don’t have enough time. Thanks for the reminder to make the most of small time segments. (Like to respond to comments right now :) )

  5. Love this list! Especially #2. I’m a night-person through and through. I’m so productive at night when everyone else is asleep. But then that can interfere with #9, getting enough sleep. :)

    I’m a homebody too. I have to be diligent about making plans to get out there and see places and do things. You’re an inspiration!

    • Johanna says:

      I think it is so important to know your own body. I am not a night person, but I often stay up just because I’m killing time “trying” to be productive and then I don’t feel like getting up in the morning. Now, I just go to bed…I’ll deal with it in the morning!

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