3 Simple Storage Solutions

One of the best things I have found for living in small spaces is to limit my storage.This is one way I keep things neat and decluttered on a day to day basis. It also means that I do not let myself get unintentionally overrun with things. I can find things easier, and I am more apt to put things away. If you do not have a place for it, it is much more difficult to put it away. Here are three examples.

Plastic Dishes For Kids

Everything that is plastic is in this drawer. It is the bottom drawer which means that my kids can access it whenever they want. My kids can set the table, and put clean dishes away very easily. I do not need five sippy cups per child. All that means is more dishes, and since I don’t have a dishwasher, I am not too keen on that idea. I have the same motto here as I do with my kitchen drawer. Simplifying does not necessarily need to look meticulously organized.

Kids’ Shoes

I believe strongly in teaching our children to be independent. Having their shoes easily accessible makes it easy for me to teach them to put them away when we come inside. I love the big flat drawer because they don’t have to dump everything out to find the right shoe.

Gift Wrap

I used to keep every single gift bag I came across. After my last baby was born, though, I realized that I had way more baby gift bags than I could possibly ever use. My gift wrap area was overflowing. I have also had the problem of looking for a roll of wrapping paper, only to find that it had been stomped on, ripped, and otherwise no longer useable.

I now have a limit, and a clearly defined place for it. If it does not fit in my Rubbermaid, I purge. I keep gift bags, wrapping paper, ribbons, scissors, and tape in here. When I have a gift to wrap, everything is right in one spot which makes things really easy. I have one like this which fits perfectly under the crib. You learn to use every single space when you live in a small apartment!

What simple storage solutions do you have? I am sure you have some great ideas, so please share!

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  1. Steph says:

    I like that you have everything so accessible to your kids. We’ve only ever had two sippy cups for the same reasons: room and cost and dishes. Now that we have a house we don’t have to be so creative when it comes to storage but when we lived in an apartment we used every possible nook and cranny. Under the beds, the crib and even under our couch.

  2. I have got to find something with our shoe problem…thanks for the reminder! With 4 kids, I feel like we have shoes coming out of our ears and like you, I want them all in one place. But the system I have now makes my entryway very cluttered looking!!!
    Keeping things to a minimum is the way to go, thanks for showing us how you do it!

  3. I too seem to do better if I give my collection boundaries. I also believe in having the kids lend a hand as much as possible. Now that they are older I actually set up my linen closet with thoughts of making it easier for them to fold sheets and put them away. I bought the large shoe box see though containers with lids, and now they know that they have to fold each sheet set neatly enough to fit in the container and put the lid back on.

    • Johanna says:

      I love the large shoe box idea. Could be used for so many things! Someday my kids will be old enough to fold their own sheets…:)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I like the idea of keeping the plastics in one place and easily accessible.

    I too use to hold onto old gift bags. I would forget I had them and go out and buy new ones. I finally started throwing them away and giving them to people I know have use for them.

    • Johanna says:

      I hold onto so many things without even realizing it. Learning to let go… :) Thanks for your comment!

  5. We used to have a shoe rack in the front closet, but no one would ever PUT their shoes on it, so every day I had to go and stack the shoes neatly on the rack. Crazy. I read “The House that Cleans Itself” and learned some tricks. Now, I have a laundry basket that people can throw their shoes in. Problem solved.

    p.s. Do you have a twitter? Love the blog!


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