3 things we love {Weekend Edition}

For the five weekends in December, I thought I would share 3 things we love. I will simply be sharing 3 things we are enjoying this Christmas season. I hope you enjoy them. To start off today, I’m sharing a movie, a book, and a tradition we love.

A Movie

┬áThe Nativity Story is one of our favorite Christmas movies. It has become a tradition to watch it at least once during the Christmas season, but sometimes we watch it a couple of times. This year my brother and sister-in-law gave it to us so we now own a copy and don’t have to rent it! Yay!

I especially love how it depicts both Mary and Joseph. It really could not have been easy to be the parents of God incarnate. The movie shows the ridicule that they must have faced from friends. I also loved how positively they portrayed Joseph. Many times Joseph is the character in the Christmas story that gets overlooked, but he must have been a remarkable man.

Obviously, no rendition of Christ’s birth is going to be perfect because we don’t exactly know all of the details that took place, but this one is very well done.

A Book

Too many to count, but we’ll stick with one today. Snowmen at Christmas is a cute book for Christmas. The hidden things to find on each page make the book fun to look at over and over. And since we pack this away with our Christmas stuff we forget where everything is so it’s like new each year. The pictures are beautiful.


A Tradition

We love doing the Jesse Tree tradition. This has become one of our favorite parts of the Christmas season. The Jesse Tree idea comes from the passage in Isaiah that refers to Jesus the Messiah being the “stump of Jesse.” I will share more about this tradition with more pictures later.

Each night leading up to Christmas we read a passage or story and put an ornament with a corresponding symbol or picture on our Jesse Tree. You can just use a branch for the tree. Starting at creation and walking through the Old Testament we see the redemptive history in the Bible. This has given so much more meaning to celebrating the birth of Christ, and we all look forward to Christmas day when we read that Jesus has come.

I made my ornaments from this kit, but I got them free and now they are $10. f you are interested in starting this tradition you can find free printable ornaments here. Etsy has some beautiful ornaments that I’m dreaming about eventually getting since this is so much a part of our celebration. And don’t worry if you are starting late. Last year we didn’t get started until December 4th and we just doubled up a few days until we were on track.

What things are you enjoying this season?


  1. I always love to see what are on other people’s like lists. We’re doing the Jesse Tree Advent thing too but it’s the first so I need to get on it!

  2. Robin Griffin says:

    Thanks for sharing, Johanna! We were just talking about starting a new Christmas tradition, and I love the idea of the Jesse Tree!

  3. The ornaments look like a great activity, I went to the website through the link and am thinking about getting them. I’m not very crafty though…are they pretty easy and quick to make or are they time consuming. I like the idea of the little box that goes with them too.

    • They are pretty easy, but they were time consuming, especially the boxes. I wasn’t thrilled with how well the boxes held up through to this year. I probably should have printed them on thicker paper. The ornaments, though, were fairly easy to do and they have held up really well.

  4. We’re enjoying the children being much more involved in our activities, now that they’re a little older and understand more, and they are extremely exited!! Today we decorated the tree together. We will also be lighting one tea light each evening (and blowing it out for the night) until at Christmas we have 25 candles (the Christmas day one a nice decorated red one :)

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