Be Ye Kind – The Parenting Edition

“I just might kill her.”

“I am sick of you.”

“Get out of my life.”

All of these I have heard from moms. And every single time my heart sinks. Of course, I know they don’t mean it. But they said it.

What saddens my heart even more is that these statements were from moms that I can reasonably assume love God, and want to genuinely do right as a parent.

I have difficulty understanding how we can adamantly talk and post articles about how we are opposed to abortion on the assumption that babies in the womb are created in God’s image, and then turn around and say something like this to a three-year-old.

Babies are created in the image of God. I am adamantly opposed to abortion. But your toddler is also created in God’s image. And you cannot talk to him, as a little image bearer, with words that kill.

All of Scripture applies to us as parents. We cannot pick and choose. If the passage applies to a believer, it applies to a believing parent.

Be kind to one another. (Eph. 4:32)

You shall love your neighbor as yourself. (Mt. 19:19)

Love one another. (Jn. 13:34)

Our children are our neighbors. They are the ‘one anothers” in these passages. Even in correction, we must always be kind with our words.

Let’s not use words that kill.


  1. We have a special Nations Fair in 5th grade today. One dad walked in and said to his son, “HIS project is looks much nicer than yours. I just want you to notice that.”

    It broke my heart. :-(

  2. It’s so sad to hear parents talk this way about their kids, yet it is all too common. I like that you point out the hypocrisy in a pro-life stance and using words that kill.

  3. It is interesting how you pointed out those who are adamantly against abortion then turning around and speaking words that kill; very sobering thoughts, but true. Since reading this post (last week), its message keeps running through my mind…thank you for sharing.

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