Candy Cane Reindeer

I thought I would share with you this fun, super easy, craft I did with the kids this week.

Lay two candy canes side by side. Wrap the candy canes with twine for the body of the reindeer. Stefan got a little carried away so his reindeer is a little fat!

Then add eyes, and a bright red nose. I used a small bead I had in my Christmas stuff, but you could use a red pompom as well.

Then enjoy your reindeer.


Ours has taken a little “Elf on the Shelf” characteristic. Showing up in odd places. Here he is watching the kids play outside.

Warning: These break when handled roughly. Especially when you have a child that would like to taste them. But that’s the fun. Make something, play a few days, and then eat!

Keeping with the reindeer theme, we also enjoyed reading Jan Brett’s, The Wild Christmas Reindeer.



  1. This is cute. Unfortunately I don’t think the candy canes would even make it to the craft part around here though…

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