Caterpillars and more

This has proven to be an unusually busy week. Grant it, we like to keep things simple around here, so it isn’t the running around type busy. Just extra responsibilities and deadlines. I have been getting up early just to find time to get everything done, and still I feel like I am coming up a little short.

My writing is coming up a bit short too. I have multiple posts started and none ready to go. Here’s hoping I wake up tomorrow with amazing energy to get some of them done.

Nevertheless, life with the kids is still rolling pretty much as normal. Isn’t that the life of a mom? You might have extra things added into your life, but the kids still want to live normal. So normal it is.

I thought I’d share some caterpillar to cocoon to butterfly fun we’ve been having the last few days.

Lest you think I plan these things way in advance, think again. We tend to let learning happen a little more naturally around here. And I always want to share with you things we actually do, rather than my lofty plans of things I’d like to do.

All of this started with a picture I saw on Pinterest weeks ago of the caterpillar. I made a mental note to keep my egg cartons.

The other day, the kids were a bit restless. Creative fun usually captivates them when they are like this, so out came the egg cartons and we whipped this little guy up.

We, of course, read The Very Hungry Caterpillar while helping the caterpillar eat through an entire apple. We opted only to eat the first day’s snacks. (This was an arbitrary decision by Mom. Can you imagine going through all the snacks…)

The next day, Stefan was still into all things caterpillar and butterfly related so we watched dozens (and I do mean dozens) of YouTube videos of caterpillars to cocoon (chrysalis) to butterflies. Stefan was fascinated. So was I. So glad people video these things.

I warn you. Beware of making a caterpillar because you will inevitably be asked about making a cocoon and a butterfly.

What’s a mom to say?

The last couple of days have found us making just that.

And now we clearly know the stages of the metamorphosis of the butterfly (not that I’ve quizzed him, but I have only heard it a few dozen times). We watched it in action (on video anyway, but I really want to get this sometime). We had some creative fun.

The kids are still playing with their things and talking about the different stages, hanging the caterpillar upside down off random objects (“He’s getting ready to make his chrysalis, Mom”), and in general having a good time.

That’s what learning looks like in our home. Or is it play?

Do you like to learn through play in your home?


  1. I am such a visual person, I need to play to see things and make myself understand. Plus it is so much fun and you are creating memories…that is what I love.

  2. Oh, how fun! We love that book. We’ll definitely have to try this sometime :-)

  3. Learn through play . . . Hummm . . . I think, at my age, we probably play AS we learn! Your kids will always know what metamorphosis is after this. Excellent! I love how God shows us some of these things in such an elegant and almost miraculous way! A worm becomes a butterfly by sleeping . . . . So very cool!

  4. I really think that whatever children learn through playing will stick forever – much more fun to, than rote memorizing the facts (one of you last posts) :) My eldest, Lara, is really into princesses and jewels and that kind of stuff, and quite “inadvertedly” she’s learned about rose quartz, diamonds and carbon, oysters, grains of sand and pearls, sapphires and lapis-lazuli… It’s amazing how much knowledge you can pack into play if you do it intentionally :), and how kids love to sponge it in.

    • Btw, we also have the Caterpillar book and it’s a favorite! I’d like to do that craft sometime soon – do you have a link for it?

      • There was no link with the caterpillar so I just did it. The cocoon is squares of tissue paper with modpodge over a balloon. I did 3 layers. Let it dry overnight, then use a pin to let slowly let the air out of the balloon. Taken it out and you have an empty cocoon.
        These are the butterflies.

        Hope that helps.

        That’s amazing what your daughter has learned through her love of princesses. LOVE when kids learn through play!

  5. Adorable. My kids would love!

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