Celebrate Spring and the Clutter Challenge Update

Can you believe March is over? Neither can I. It has flown. This entire year has flown, actually. One of the reasons I like decorating for seasons is because it reminds me of the change, the passing of time. It reminds me to savor special moments with my kids, because another winter has passed. Just like that. Gone. Now it is spring and with all its new life it brings bright cheery thoughts to my mind.

So, I found $20 in my purse. You all, that does not happen to me. If you know anything about me, you know that I love budgeting (my sister thinks I am weird) and that I know where every penny is spent. That doesn’t mean I don’t spend it on things that aren’t necessities. I do. I think that enjoying life is important. And things like fresh flowers in my home make me happy and bring a lilt to my day. But in my current season, we don’t have much money to spare and so I have to plan these types of purchases very carefully. And $20 doesn’t just “show up.” However it happened, even if it was through my own absent mindedness (which I am still trying to figure out since we budget so carefully) I am thankful for it. My own little spring blessing.

So back to the $20. I knew immediately that I would go get something springy to add to our home. A few bright yellow lemons and some tulips from the grocery store were the perfect, simple addition to our piano. It didn’t cost me $20. Gracious, no! But the point was that it all started with me finding the money.

Sigh. Now I have spring in my home. And it makes me happy. It always amazes me how something so simple as a few fresh flowers, or a small change-up in decor can freshen things up. Even my four-year-old says things like, “Mommy, that is so pretty!” See? They notice.

Clutter Challenge Update

Well, the month is basically done. Did you all de-clutter at least one item a day? I lost track a couple of times, but I think my total ended up being right at 90 items that either were tossed or donated.

Was the challenge helpful? For me, it was. The main reason was that even on those days that I wasn’t specifically going through closets or something, it made me more aware. I became aware of items that often get shifted from one place to another unconsciously. “Wait! This thing doesn’t really have a home, and well, do we actually use it?” If the answer was no, it went, without any further thought.

All in all, it was a good spring cleaning month. I didn’t get to all the projects I had intended to, but that is okay. My home is de-cluttered. There is more room to breathe. Things are cleaner. And that means I am ready to spend time with my kids in the great outdoors enjoying the beauty of blooming flowers and budding trees.

How did your de-cluttering go this month? Now that you have more space and less stuff, how about you add a touch of spring to your home?


  1. I got rid of over 100 articles of clothing and probably 50-60 items in the house–mainly in the kitchen! I think I might carry it out to April, too.
    (And, btw, you ARE weird–when it comes to budgeting!! But, baby steps there, too, for me, heh?!) :-)

  2. I didn’t think to keep track, but I filled two boxes with kitchen stuff, and three garbage bags with clothes! Everything I just mentioned will be donated. I threw out a lot too. :-] I wish I had a before picture of my closet, because now it looks stupendous, and you’d probably appreciate seeing the progress.
    I start on the attic today, and I can’t wait! Good thing there’s still one day left in March after today, haha.
    It’s funny you mentioned “adding spring” to your home, because yesterday I picked a bright red tulip from our backyard (did you plant it?) and it is now in a vase by our living room window. Just one little tulip added so much!
    I’m enjoying your posts–thank you for making a blog!

    • Way to go, Kristin! And doing that 9 months pregnant? Impressive! No I didn’t plant the tulips, but I remember being excited that they came up when we were living there. Glad to see they are still being enjoyed. :)

      I would LOVE before and after pictures. The next before/after pics you need, though, are in the belly and out of the belly. :)

  3. I didn’t keep track of how many items, but I have been going through things like a crazy woman, throwing out the junk and boxing everything else up for a yardsale. There are at least 12 boxes of stuff sitting in the attic waiting for the appointed yard-sale date, and I still have the kitchen to go through. Other than that, I have evaluated everything in the house and it feels SOOOO much better. I have some daffodils in a vase in the kitchen, and I just love the smell and the reminder of spring. :) On a side note, your piano is absolutely beautiful. I am guessing from other posts that you have written about music that you play it. I am so thankful to have a piano in my home too!

    • Doesn’t it feel great? I hope your garage sale is successful! And, yes, both my husband and I are pianists!

  4. I went through my clothes this month and donated a full garbage bag. Mainly by realizing that though I’m at my pre-baby weight, some things are just changed forever…

    I too keep meticulous track of our money (and think budgeting is fun) and recently found an old check in my purse from three years ago (I finally pulled out the purse instead of just carrying around a diaper bag). I’m blaming it on being pregnant at the time, but my goodness I wasn’t happy when I found it (thankfully it wasn’t for too much money).

    • I can totally relate. I recently got rid of all my clothes and am slowly rebuilding my wardrobe. Stuff just didn’t fit the same! And, while I’m sorry about the check, thanks for the story. I’m glad to know I’m not alone! :)

  5. I managed to get one more large box of “stuff” out of the house this month! Love it. Somehow, having less is like having more. Hopefully that makes sense to someone, in a weird way it does to me. I can find our clothes and other items so much easier once the clutter is under control.

    • It totally makes sense to me! So we must be weird together. :) I have definitely found that life is easier with less stuff! Thanks for your comment!

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