Clutter Bust: Eliminate a pile.

Whether it is in your bedroom (why is it that mom’s room is where everything gets dumped?), or on your desk, or on your dining room table, piles accumulate.

Each time I walk by it, I’m bothered, but I don’t want to take the time to stop what I am doing and deal with it. Before I know it, the pile has grown. What would have been a simple job if I had just dealt with it early on, has become a larger job. If only I would remember my Best Productivity Tip.

We have had sickness in our family so I seemed to accumulate more piles than normal over the weekend. Here was the pile at the end of my bed. Uh huh, even the bag from my husband’s prescription medicine!  (It was one of those rip it out of the bag and give me my meds moments :) ).

A few minutes after I took the picture, the pile had been eliminated. It didn’t take me very long at all, I just needed to focus on that and get it done. You know, Stop Multitasking.

Today’s Clutter Bust Challenge is to eliminate a pile.

1. Decide Which Pile.

Whether it is dishes, laundry, papers, or any other random pile, just pick one and focus on that. Tell us in the comments where the pile is that you are going to work on and you might be more motivated to stick to it.

2. Set a timer.

If you think it might be a hard pile to wade through and you feel like you might get discouraged, setting a timer for 10 minutes might help you focus and actually get it done. Or if it is like my pile, all you might need is a couple of focused minutes and the job will be done.

3. Don’t shift. Eliminate.

It is easy to move the pile from the floor to the bed, or from the table to the desk. That is not really dealing with the pile. Resolve to actually put each item in its proper place and not just shift from one pile to another.

Eliminating just one pile will get your week off to a great start! You’ll feel good about having one less pile of clutter staring you in the face.

Tell us. What spot in your home tends to be a pile accumulator for you? I’ll share mine in the comments.


  1. You probably guessed from the post, but my spot is definitely the bedroom. Either at the end of my bed, or on the chair.

  2. Our office! I keep meaning to get to it but since I’ve let it accumulate it’s going to take longer than 10 minutes. I need to stop shifting piles in there and actually sort and get rid of a lot.

    • Maybe you could just grab a random stack and call it your pile and get through that in 10 minutes..then you’ll have made a dent in it! I totally know the feeling, though. :)

  3. The desk is my hotspot. That’s where the mail is supposed to go, but I tend to dump anything that needs to be dealt with there (or anything that doesn’t really have its own home).

    I just cleaned off the desk yesterday, and today it’s clutter-free. It’s making me so happy everytime I walk by (which is all the time)!

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