Clutter free gift ideas

Gift giving is so much fun, especially if you know the person well and can pick something out that is uniquely ‘them.’

Sometimes, though, we run into the problem of just getting a gift for the sake of having something. If you are buying something you know they will love, go for it! I love getting gifts. Who doesn’t? But if you are just picking something up without much thought to the person’s personality or interests, it might end up simply being clutter.

I thought I’d share a few gift ideas that are of the non-clutter variety.

1. Tickets

Do you have a music lover? Tickets to a great orchestra in their area may be just the right thing. Make them seasonal and they’ll enjoy it all year. A Broadway show, a favorite music group that you know is going to be in their area in the coming year, a football game, a local attraction that they have never been to, etc. You’ll be giving them a gift and an experience.

Year passes to local attractions make a nice gift for families as well. The zoo, children’s museums, etc.

2. Gift Certificates or Cards

Before you roll your eyes at me, I know, gift cards get a bad rap. But I, for one, like gift cards, so… Buying a gift card to a generic store doesn’t necessarily exude the idea that you thought long and hard about what to get that particular person.

But, if it is a gift card for something you know they would love, but would never spend the money on themselves, it can be a perfect gift.

A pedicure and manicure at a nice salon. A massage. A nicer, unique store that you know they love. Etsy (they can get any handmade item they’ve been eying). Some nice restaurant gift cards for those that don’t have the money or to a high end restaurant they would never think of paying for. Is it someone who likes to work or study in a coffee shop? Give them a gift card to their favorite place. If you are creative, gift cards can be unique and fun.

3. Subscriptions or Memberships

If they have a particular love, a specific magazine subscription might be a great gift. Like Bon Appetit for the person who loves to cook. Other ideas are for the book reader (or listener in this case), Netflix for the person who loves to watch movies, and way more than I can think of at the moment. A gym membership, etc. You get the idea. Just think outside the box.

4. Continuing Education

I’m not talking about a degree here, but maybe the person has been wanting to take cooking, music, floral design, or photography classes. The gift of learning something new or reviving an old love might thrill them.

5. An Experience

Experiences will stay with people forever. Much longer than an object. You could get really pricey here, or it could be something really simple. You know, a weekend get-a-away to New York, a hot air balloon ride, a concert, or your time. You have a whole price range. Is there something they have always wanted to do, or a place they’ve always wanted to go? Gift them with the experience. I just found out last week that my Dad has always thought it would be fun to sky dive. Who knew? (Sorry, Dad, you’re not getting that from me.)

One of the best parts of giving and receiving gifts is when there is creativity involved. There is nothing like giving something to someone that screams them all over it.

Skip the generic this year. Go for the unique. And remember…experiences just might be better than clutter stuff.

P.S. Whatever gift you do decide on, please make sure it is wrapped in a fun, beautiful way. Thank you.

P.P.S. Did you know that wrapping presents is one of my favorite parts in preparing for Christmas? Now you do.

What other ideas do you have? And, please tell us in the comments the most unique and fun gift you ever received. I can’t wait to read them!

My favorite gift I have gotten is my kindle fire my parents got me last year for Christmas. It is sort of clutter-free because it means I don’t have to add physical books. But mainly it has allowed me to read so much more. Win, win.


  1. I found your blog through moneysavingmom. I have really enjoyed reading through your posts! You have some excellent tips for living intentionally and I look forward to reading more of your blog. Great gift ideas as well!

  2. Such great ideas – and all things that people would truly enjoy. Much more than another coffee mug or a one-size-fits-all gift card.

  3. Great ideas! In the case of smaller gifts that are clutter free, I like consumables…and think beyond cookies and candy. Homemade soaps, drink and soup mixes are just a few ideas!

    • Oh, YES! thanks for bringing that up as I didn’t think to include that, but these are great ideas. (Making soap is on my want to try someday list!)

  4. Is this your Christmas list? :-)
    (btw, the other comment was from me, too. Dad isn’t into making food gifts!)

  5. These are great reminders – and I’ve given and received several on the more unique side that you pointed out. Sometimes the simple ones are the best!

  6. Well, since you love wrapping so much…can I send you my pile? Of all the Christmas doings (I was going to say chores=)) wrapping is my absolute LEAST favorite. I almost always put it off to the 11th hour-not Christmas Eve, but close. And try to fortify myself with wine, Christmas music, and Brian helping. Still not that fun.=)
    BTW-all great ideas!

  7. Each year I make a calendar with pictures it at Shutterfly. It’s a few hours of work, but I tweak it for each set of grandparents, aunt and uncles. It’s a practical gift we all enjoy all year long.
    I let the kids wrap the gifts. It used to be quite interesting, but I didn’t really care. Now (the oldest two are 8 and 6) they are pretty good at it!

    • That’s awesome that your kids are able to do it now. Totally keeping that in mind. Picture books a really great gifts…I just never seem to get around to it early enough. Need to put it on my calendar to start early next year though. Great idea!

  8. Fun ideas. We are getting my in-laws membership passes to our botanical garden this year.

  9. concept of Clutter free gift idea is very motivating. I cant stand clutter. This Christmas I got membership of a zoo park for my kids just to promote de cluttering. Keep sharing such inspirational thoughts .:)


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    Clutter free gift ideas…


    Clutter free gift ideas…

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