Easter Celebration!

It is Friday and I am looking forward to Easter weekend. We are still in the forming- traditions stage for Easter (i.e. I am welcome to suggestions!). One thing we do know is that we want Easter to stand out in our children’s minds and to be special. Christmas is a big deal because Christ’s birth is a big deal. The Resurrection is a big deal too. Everything I believe leans on the fact that my Savior is alive.

Making it a big deal does not mean expensive, just that it is special. That it stands out in our kids’ minds.


I plan to have some sort of special breakfast, but I haven’t decided what. I was thinking sweet rolls but then I saw these Resurrection Rolls from Balancing Beauty & Bedlam and I can’t get them off my mind. I think Stefan would get a kick out of that and it would be another way to reinforce the  empty tomb. We don’t usually eat marshmallows, though, and I don’t want to buy any, so I am trying to come up with a variation. Any ideas? Oh and I would definitely make my own rolls.


Easter Baskets

I usually get them things that they need for summer play. This year it is going to be really simple with sidewalk chalk, a spade since we are going to plant a small garden, and bubbles.

Easter Dinner

We are having guests. I am going to have the traditional ham, but I am still finalizing the rest of the menu. It must be decided before I grocery-shop on Saturday! What are your Easter Dinner favorites?

Resurrection Egg Hunt

Our kids have already had an egg hunt. The Seminary where my husband studies had an egg hunt for all the kids. So we have done that, and I don’t plan on doing any more, except that I found these Resurrection Eggs on clearance and this will be our first year to do them, so I think we will do it after dinner on Sunday. Another opportunity to tell the Resurrection Story.

The Resurrection Story

Of course the main thing we have been doing is to tell our kids about the meaning of Easter. For our family Bible time this week we have been focusing on the death and resurrection portions of the Gospels. At this age, repetition is key. So even if we recount the Resurrection story every day this week, it is certainly not too much. I have been amazed at how much Stefan is retaining. “Jesus is alive!” has been a frequent phrase in our home this week.

What are you doing to make Easter special?



  1. Katie Christensen says:

    I would love to know more about your gardening plans this year. Could you make a post on that?!

  2. We too are in the beginning stages of making our own Easter traditions and I’d love to hear other’s suggestions.

  3. We are in the same boat looking for some fun and profitable traditions! I think this year we are going to do something similar to the thing you mentioned above but it doesn’t have the marshmellows:) I found it on Carolyn Mahaneys website last year. As far as Easter dinner, I got a new flower pot and am going to line it with foil or something and make the dessert “dirt” and we are going to decorate it with artifical flowers and a few gummy worms. Thought it would be fun to bring some spring colors to the table.

  4. I hope you figured something out for these! Someone brought these to us last year after Benjamin was born (with frozen dinner rolls for the dough), and I knew I had to try my own version this year! I used Keren’s crescent roll recipe: http://www.kerenthrelfall.com/2011/02/07/crescent-rolls-2/ but I decided to just do the marshmallows for simplicity this year. Would love to know if you came up with a substitute. Oh, and we prepped them the night before–they refrigerated just fine!

    • um, I was talking about the Resurrection rolls–as I’m sure you figured out!

      • Johanna says:

        That recipe looks similar to my make-ahead butterhorn rolls that I make all the time. I also use it for sweet rolls, etc. In fact, I made them for Easter dinner!

        I didn’t come up with a good plan. Mostly because I got on it too late. I am still thinking about it and I put it on the calendar to remind to think about it early next year, to do some practice runs:) (And maybe I’ll post about it then…BEFORE Easter, lol!)

        • I guess I have a year to come up with a more healthful center–we’ll see! But my girls LOVED this recipe! We have done the meringue Resurrection cookies for several years and loved them, but this recipe was more hands on for them (a.k.a., messier!), still rich in symbolic meaning, and simpler to understand as well. But they missed taping the oven shut overnight! Ü

          • Glad to know it was such a success. I might just do it that way, if I don’t come up with a better plan!

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