Enjoying My Season

One year ago today I gave birth to my third child. Two weeks after he was born we would move to another state for my husband to start seminary. It would be six months still before my oldest would turn four. Life would be busy. Even crazy at times. I would have times of  extreme loneliness in a new city and church. There would be financial pressures. But God was gracious. I loved it, and I love it still.

When we announced our third pregnancy I often heard comments like, “You won’t sleep again for five years,” “Don’t worry, this season will pass,” “You’re going to be so busy”. With the exception of a few, these comments were intended to be well-meaning and encouraging.

In the midst of the comments and knowing looks, I made a commitment to myself. I did not want to survive this season. I wanted to embrace it, love it, and thrive in it. I began making a lot of changes in preparation for it. Much of it involved simplifying my life. Everything from clutter, to schedules, to priorities were re-evaluated. In some sense, that was the start of this blog, though I would not publish my first post for another year.

In many ways, my life and home have been more peaceful with three children than it was with two. Oh, sure, there have been moments of complete chaos. But the reality is that the day in and day out of life has really been beautiful.

It has been a showering of God’s grace on my life. God has chipped away at my materialism, self-sufficiency, and self-absorption. He has, in His grace, allowed me to see areas I needed to change and pursue godliness. And he continues to do so.

Today we celebrate my son’s first birthday. For me this is more than just remembering his birth one year ago today. I look back on this year and remember with tears how much God has taught me and changed me. I am a different wife, mother, and person than I was a year ago. How grateful I am for that.

It has been a year of change in circumstances for sure. But more fundamentally, this has been a year of change and growth in me as a person.

God has unraveled the idols of my heart like the unraveling of ribbon off a spool. Slowly, gently, lovingly.

When I share about simplifying and various other ideas, it is not from a textbook mindset. It is from a mom who has seen the significance of intentional living, and the direct impact it has on the function and peacefulness of my home. Thank you for reading along.

And to my sweet boy. Happy 1st Birthday. Your Mommy loves you more than you will ever know. Your birth launched me into a new season which I embraced with joy. Leaving babyhood behind and becoming a toddler launches me into yet another season. And I am embracing it.


  1. Elva Farrell says:

    Happy birthday, Silas!

  2. Love this post! Beautiful words from a beautiful heart!

  3. Happy birthday, Silas! You share a birthday with my son, Micah, who turns 7 today. Have a happy day!

  4. It is always exciting to see how God uses the circumstances in our life to mold and shape us. Have a wonderful celebration of everything! :)

  5. Kristin says:

    Just awesome. :)

  6. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! This post SO resonated with me :-) And, “ditto” to Christi’s comment…happy celebrating EVERYTHING today! Happy Birthday, Silas!

  7. Watching your change and growth has been such a blessing and brought about so much growth in my own life. Thank you for being sensitive to His leading. And happy birthday to my sweet boy.

  8. Thanks, Johanna! Good reminder to appreciate all God has given us.

  9. This tugs at the heart strings… Hope you ALL have an awesome celebration! (we, too, are in the ministry – can totally relate, seminary and all. :) )

  10. Beautifully put. Thank God that He is faithful in our times of transition and always.
    Happy Birthday Baby Boy.

  11. Happiest of Birthdays to our sweet, smiling Silas!!! What a blessing he has been to all of us!! And I have to say it pains his Auntie Jennie & Uncle Bob not to be able to give him a hug and kiss on his FIRST birthday!! We miss you all but are so thrilled to watch what God is doing in your lives!

  12. This is very encouraging to me Johanna thanks for post it! And I hope Silas had a great day! :)

    • Johanna says:

      So glad, Alba! Thanks for reading. And I am looking forward to hearing about the arrival of your third. :)

  13. Amen to that! One thing our pastor said in a sermon that I will never forget because I was in the harder stage of life looking forward to this “dream home” we are in :) and it was that these years need to be Full Years. Those words rang in my ear for so long! How can these years be full if I am living on next years dreams?! Thanks for sharing, my favorite part was about the Lord unraveling the idols of your heart-I sure can relate to that new friend! Happy Birthday to your little one!

    • Johanna says:

      Full Years— so true. Instead of always looking ahead making the ones we’re in full. Thanks for sharing!


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