Essential Oils

I know, I know, everyone talks about essential oils, but here I go. I love using my Young Living oils. I diffuse them in my house daily. I diffuse them in the kids rooms at night. We use them to support our health and immune system. I even use it to clean. (I love the Thieves multi-purpose cleaning products!)

I started using oils about three years ago after my daughter because seriously ill with encephalitis. During her illness she had had multiple seizures and I heard that frankincense was one of the best oils to support the brain. I began slowly. I only used that one oil at first. And slowly but surely I began using them more and more.

Now they are a part of our every day. I’ve learned a lot, watched webinars, read and read and read, and am learning more each day.

Our entire family uses them, but my daughter who has chronic pain has seen the most obvious benefit. If you have any questions feel free to ask me! I had loads of questions when I started (and still do!). You can sign up anytime through Young Living or just shoot me an email at

I started with Young Living by buying the premium starter kit like the one below and that’s the diffuser I still use now!