Finding time to read with littles in the home

Hi Friends! I wanted to quickly let you know that I am over at FIMBY today guest posting about finding time for my own reading and self-education in the midst of mothering little ones.

Renee is past this stage, and I was thrilled when she asked me to share with her readers how I make time for this part of my life.

From the post:

Reading keeps my mind fresh and active, learning new things and learning daily about the world around me. Having young children is physically exhausting, but not necessarily intellectually stimulating. Reading provides that outlet.

Reading gives me new things to talk about with my husband and friends. My husband is very gracious, but he really doesn’t need to know how many times I cleaned up the same toy in a day.

Reading also models to my children that learning is a lifelong pursuit.

And it is just enjoyable.

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In other news, we are completely loving apple season here. Silas will sit and munch on an entire apple. I even told my friend who was watching the boys today during Olivia’s appointment that if she needed a a few extra minutes to set him in a seat and he would just munch on an apple. She said it worked.

Comes in handy, I tell you!

I really do love this time of year.

Happy Wednesday to you all. (I realize it is late in the day, but have a happy day all the same!)


  1. Great guest post. And apples are constantly getting munched on over here too. :)

  2. Thanks for the post. There is nothing that gets me motivated to read more than a book that I am really enjoying, but if I don’t have a book that interests me, reading is a chore. I enjoyed looking at your ideas from “In 2012 I read…” and would also love to hear about some of your all-time favorites, especially from a range of genres…if you ever have a chance. Thanks!

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