Going Paper Towel-less

A couple of years ago, I decided that I would not buy paper towels again. None. I mean, really, how did the world get along before paper towels? I was about to find out.

I don’t need to enumerate why going without paper towels is a good thing, but the top two would be better for the environment and it saves a boat load of money. (Paper towels aren’t cheap).

The key to going without paper towels is to have excellent rags and cloths to take its place.

Enter the microfiber cloths. Seriously, I am in love with them.

I got a pack of 24 microfiber cloths at Sam’s Club a couple of years ago. Well, really my Mom got them, but, you know, they were for me. I’m still using them and they still work great. I just looked it up and it looks like that pack costs $11.58. I would have paid that many times over in paper towels.

I use these cloths for wiping up spills, dusting, cleaning floors, bathrooms, mirrors, car, and pretty much everything else. When I am done cleaning they go in the wash on a hot cycle and are ready for another use. And I have never bought paper towels since. I actually still have a quarter of a roll that I have never used up.

You can also find microfiber cloths on Amazon, and Wal-Mart sells pretty good ones in the automotive section. I would imagine Target does too, but I haven’t checked.

When you dust with microfiber cloths you don’t need to do anything but wipe it. Same thing with mirrors. I only use actual glass cleaner occasionally.

All around a good investment for me.

That’s my Monday tip for you. I hope your week is off to a good start. I’m praying for those of you that are in the path of Sandy.


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Are you a paper towel free home? (I really didn’t plan it that way, but hey, I posted about a “green” and “frugal” tip the day this sale went live.) Sometimes not planning works out anyway. :)


  1. I still use some paper towels, but have always used rags too. I have seen some unpaper towels on Etsy that I would really like to try! I use paper towels in my kitchen the most.

  2. I have one of those cloths that I use for dusting (sometimes I use an allergy dust spray and sometimes just the cloth. Love it and I love how nice it’s held up after lots of laundering. We’ve gone paper plate free a while ago. I could not believe how much less garbage we had just by not using them. I’ve tried to cut down on my paper towel use, and I found Wal-Mart has a 3 pk for $1.70, which lasts me a couple of weeks. But, this idea of using the microfiber cloths sounds GREAT! Something I’m going to look into!

  3. We use both. Also, I buy them at Aldi so they’re super cheap– but just as good as the brand name ones. The idea of switching completely to microfiber cloths is appealing, and I already have some I use for dusting/minor cleaning. I just can’t past the idea of using them for cleaning toilets & wiping up nasty spills. I just want to throw THOSE cloths/towels out!

    • I thought the same thing, Elizabeth. But I guess you just get used to it! :)

      • I cut a microfiber cloth in half (they don’t unravel) to use for my toilet. Somehow knowing that my “dirty” rag isn’t ever being used elsewhere makes it easier for me!

  4. I really wish you had posted this a couple weeks ago :-) I am hosting a Norwex show this evening (norwex.com) and would loved to have tried these out first. I actually did purchase some microfiber cloths online to test them out against the Norwex cloths and I was NOT satisfied AT ALL with them. Really, Norwex had them beat hands down times 3. :) And I like the anti-bac properties in many of the Norwex items, but the money is a killer! And honestly I don’t need my piano, bookshelves, and floor clean enough to eat off of. Ok, well maybe when my little man starts eating stuff off the floor, but I’m not *that* much of a germ-freak. Yet.
    I do plan to get and try some from Sam’s now before buying or promoting the $$ stuff. :) Would love a cheaper option!

    • Well, I’m guessing Norwex is going to be better. I’ve heard really great things about them, but have never actually used any so I can’t compare.

      I guess it usually comes down to $$ for me. I figure even I need to put in a little extra elbow grease for some things, I’d rather the cheaper option. But…I also know that if I had tried the Norwex I might not be willing to go lesser quality.

  5. Wow, that post seemed to be aimed at me :) I use paper towel a LOT, but then here it’s cheaper than some prices I’ve seen on other comments. Still, at the end of the day I’m sure I spend more on it than if I bought micro-fibre cloths – and I’m going to give it a try! It’s funny because just this week I was considering switching from paper napkins (something I inherited from my American husband) to cloth serviettes – a craft I wanted to do with the kids soon is a serviette ring for each member of the family. :) So I think I’ll get rid of both paper napkins and paper towels in one deadly blow!

  6. I LOVE microfiber cloths!!! They are wonderful! I stopped using PT when we first moved out here and lived in a rental house with one of those plastic, under-the-cupboard holders. The towels would always come loose and roll out over the blessedly long counter (in comparison) and land on the floor. That, the discovery of microfiber, and the lack of sales on PT convinced me!! Though I do keep a few rolls in hiding that we use on certain occasions–draining bacon, wiping the bathroom floor after my husband trims hair and beard (his cleaning routine is well in place–why mess with a good thing!?), that type of thing. And even the rolls we do have came from Kroger free because of one of their deal of the days a few years back!!

    Do you use cloth napkins too? We love them–growing up, I always said I would use them because I inevitably wad a paper napkin into a ball in my hand. Even the nice, big ones. Being “green” was definitely not my motivation, but I am glad to be a conservationist in that way. And at 6, our oldest got her own fun napkin ring, so she now uses cloth every meal as well. We have paper napkins still on a true-need basis–and sometimes pizza or fried chicken warrants them for us all! :)

    • We do have regular napkins in the house, but we rarely use them. I only have fairly cheap cloth napkins though so I am eventually going to get some nicer ones. I love them, though!

  7. The only thing I can’t seem to shake paper towels for is covering food in the microwave. Otherwise I’m all cloth all the way (even toilet paper for #1… TMI?). I wish I could find a thin glass microwave cover!

    • I just use a thin cotton dish towel to cover food in the microwave. Obviously, a little extra laundry, but. Ikea also has covers but they’re plastic. A glass one would be really nice…

      And, wow..TP. I’m not there yet. :)

  8. We’ve gone mostly paper towel-less, though I still buy paper towels on occasion when we’re in “survival mode.” :) I use microfiber for dusting and some kitchen cleanup but also really like Skoy cloths for the kitchen. I bought two packs off Amazon about 7 months ago and they’re still going strong. Very different than microfiber but more similar to paper towels in their feel, absorbency, etc.

    I only have random microfiber cloths that have been passed along to me. Glad to know about that pack at Sams. Interested in bathroom cleaning, cloth-style. I use mostly cloth and homemade (chemical free) cleaners but do still “splurge” on disinfectant wipes for the bathroom.

    • I’ll have to look into the skoy ones. I know what they are but have never had any.
      And I totally get “survival modes.” Sometimes you just do what you have to do! :)

  9. I LOVE my microfiber cloths :)

  10. I love these rags too! Hadn’t thought about doing away w/paper towels but had been trying to figure out how to convince people in my house to use fewer (I personally use them on a very limited basis.)…think I have my answer–not buying them! :o)

  11. Wendy Chase says:

    I found the towels to be a little too big so I found a company who sold me 12 x 12 towels in 4 colors so now I use green for the kitchen, red for the bathroom, yellow for dusting and blue for everyday outside kitchen and bathroom. Everyone knows not to cross contaminate…I will hunt the website down and send post it. I think I only paid around 6 bucks for 24 of them!

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