How to Implement a Habit

Have I convinced you that habits are a good thing

A habit, when created intentionally, serves you and your family.

Let’s get to the nitty-gritty.

How exactly do we go about implementing a good habit? This is something I got stuck on, so I’m going to share what works for me.

3 Steps to effectively implementing a helpful habit.

1. Only work on one thing.

I don’t care how small that one thing is, only do one.  It took me much trial and error to finally convince myself of this, so just trust me, okay? :) Even if that one thing is extremely simple, work on only one at a time. Once that one thing has become a true habit, then you can move on!

2. Make it easy to do.

This is critical to your success!

If you are trying to create the habit of placing your keys and bag in the same place as soon as you arrive home, make sure you have a specific spot, close to the door for that very purpose. A small basket or tray on a shelf, or a drawer work well for this.

If you are creating the habit of wiping your bathroom sink every morning, make sure you have your cleaning spray and a rag within reach. If you have to walk to another room to get it, chances are pretty high you won’t do it.

Make the job easy to do and you will be more apt to succeed.

3. Write yourself a reminder.

For putting your keys and bag away you might want to put a reminder note right at the door you usually enter.  If you don’t want other people to know what you are working on then you could put a bright colored sticky note to trigger your memory, but others would not know what it was for. But really, let’s be real here. You will probably encourage someone into making some positive changes if you are not afraid to let them know. :) (I am being pretty transparent here on this blog 😉 )

For cleaning the sink, you could stick a note up on the mirror so that you will remember.

Put an obvious reminder!

This has been up in my closet for a while now! Yes, yes it has. :) (Sorry for the poor quality. Late at night, inside the closet. You get it!)

When you can take the reminder down and you just naturally keep doing it, then you will know you have created a habit! Congratulate yourself and think about how much easier you just made your life.

It is difficult to say how long it will take to effectively implement a habit. Much will depend on your personality. Some are more natural at this than others. (I am not a natural, by the way!). If you are younger, it will be faster. This is one reason I habit-train my children, but more on that later. I have found, though, that the more I do, the faster it goes. Positive chain reaction, perhaps?

Pick one thing today that you want to change. Don’t wait for a better day. There will always be an excuse. Choose one and stick with it. Consistency is the key!

What one habit would you like to implement? Leave a comment. I would love to hear!


  1. elva farrell says:

    Good pointers. After having just moved we’re trying to make new habits. There is something true about “teaching an old dog new tricks”!! We’re still looking for quite a few things because they are not in their usual places.

  2. Leigh Ann says:

    Last night I cleaned up my kitchen even though we had a very trying day. This morning I had to thank myself ;-).

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