January 2015 read-alouds

Would you believe we only finished one read aloud last month? One! Oh well. I’m okay with that. We also had family here for two weeks and had Christmas in January which seriously helped with the January blues, if you know what I mean. Now it’s all about February (which includes a birthday girl) and the countdown until baby.

Thankfully the one we read was a good one, but one that hardly needs an explanation!

LittleHouseInTheBigWoodsLittle House in the Big Woods was a big hit with everyone. I was especially happy to read it to Olivia who is at the age now where she can really relate to Laura as a character and not simply enjoy the story. Laura turns 5 in this book and Olivia will be five next week so this was perfect. I was struck with the simplicity of life. In a day where everyone is concerned with socialization and making sure our kids have enough extra-curricular outlets, it’s refreshing to read about a simpler time when they found happiness and joy in the simplest things! Just in case you were wondering, my kids favorite part was reading about the pig slaughter and playing with the bladder as a ball. They laughed about that for days.

Pioneer GirlAlso, did you know?! Pioneer Girl, Laura Ingalls Wilder’s annotated autobiography edited by Pamela Smith Hill was just released? Do you know how badly I want to read this? Like now? But sadly it isn’t in the budget and I feel like this is a book I want to enjoy in my hands, not on kindle. So I’ll have to wait. But if you all have read it, please let me know what you think? I heard that her notes of real life revealed that it was really much more harsh living and much more violence than she reveals in the children’s books. Of course that is to be expected, but I’m very interested to read about it. Note, this is not a read aloud…this is a book for adult fans to enjoy. Obviously. But just in case you were confused since I’m including it in this post. Also, did you know that it is a number one bestseller on Amazon right now? Clearly everyone else wants to read it too!

That’s it for today! What have you been reading to your kids lately?

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  1. I’ve made it a goal this school year to read the entire series. It’s a simple goal, but (I think) an attainable one. We are on the 4rth volume, Farmer Boy in our French version. Last night, after reading your blog, I was telling my husband how I would love to get to see you and chat together, as I feel like we have such a similar background and share similar convictions (about homescholing, theology and such… Plus I keep seeing you comment on the same blogs I read !), and today at lunch was telling him about Pioneer Girl… So funny that you post about that today ! I feel like you are a kindred spirit, and I don’t have anyone around me that has such comparable circumstances (large family, American and French influences, work at home homeschooling mom, etc…). If you ever come to southern France, I would love to get together !

    • I would love to see you and get to know your family! I totally understand about not having people around that are in similar situations. Since moving to Scotland, I often feel the same way.

      We loved Farmer Boy –we read that one first out of order and now we’re going through the whole series!

      We are hoping to come to France before moving back to the US but right now we have no specific plans. We’ll see what happens! (I might email you soon about some French children’s books suggestions, though, if you don’t mind!)

  2. I incorporated a “modified” Daily 5 with my K-1 Structured Learning Class this year and LOVED it! We took a bit loegnr to introduce all of the rotations (had covered them all by December) so it was more of a gradual release to help the kids learn personal responsibility. I had several teachers from other schools visit my program at the end of the school year, and they were just blown away by how independently my students worked. Next year I will have K-3 in my room, and plan to do Daily 5 again. Kids of all functioning levels can benefit from learning a bit of independence :)

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