Jealous? Overwhelmed? Or Inspired?

I am a little tired this morning, but for a great cause. We have out of town family here and we are having lots of fun. Last night I got to hear David Platt, author of Radical, speak. I have not read his books yet, have you? It was excellent, so now I want to read it!

I love Pinterest, and I love blogs. I have learned so much from people through blogs, tried many new recipes, gotten lots of ideas, etc. But sometimes there is a negative. Isn’t that always the case? With every positive there is also the negative.

When you look at your Pinterest boards, or you surf from blog to blog it is easy to start feeling things that are not true.


I wish I were creative like that person. I wish I had the money to buy all those resources. I wish I were as smart. I wish I could cook like that. I wish I could write like that. I wish, I wish, I wish.

You have your own likes, interests, talents, and gifts. Don’t wish you were someone else.


With every new pin on a Pinterest board comes the feeling of another idea I want to try. It can get overwhelming. I want to try everything, even the things I am not really that interested it. When I see those amazing pictures, I feel the need to try it.

So many ideas. Limited time and resources. Without even realizing it I have created a mental to-do list of things I need to try. It becomes mental clutter and it can be stressful.

It is easy to get overwhelmed with the wealth of information and ideas.


This is the spirit I try to have when I look at blogs. Just not reading or looking at Pinterest is not a good solution. That is like saying that you have nothing to learn, and that you don’t need other people’s ideas. There is so much to learn, and I benefit a lot from other people being willing to share their ideas.

I don’t want to be jealous of the person behind the blog. I don’t want to be overwhelmed thinking I need to try every new idea I see. I want to be inspired. To take an idea and make it my own. To be sparked with a flicker of curiosity and turn it into a flame. To find encouragement that others think similarly to me. Or differently from me.

And in your inspiration, be yourself. I am not a very crafty person, and right now purchasing craft supplies and finding a place to store them are not high on my priority list. Someday, perhaps? So when I see neat crafts, I think about the fact that they are cute, but I move on. I don’t stress myself thinking I need to try it.

I am, however, trying to learn how to decorate my home better. I am not especially gifted in that, but I realize that, like most anything, it is an art that can be practiced. So when I see an idea that I can make my own fairly inexpensively, I am probably going to consider trying it.

Learn from people and be inspried and motivated to try something new. But don’t be jealous and overwhelmed. And, please, never let this blog be that for you. I can’t speak for all blogs and Pinterest boards, but I do know that the person behind this blog only wants to share and inspire. I would never want to overwhelm.

Let your Pinterest boards and blog reader reflect you. Pin things and read blogs that reflect you and your interests. There are a lot of blogs I don’t read, but if it is on simplifying, reading,  home decorating, photography, etc I will probably at least check them out. I am interested in them (simplifying, reading), or am trying to work on it (decorating, photography).

Allow others to inspire you, but never try to be that other person.

I would love to hear from you! What do you do to keep yourself feeling inspired, and not jealous or overwhelmed with the wealth of ideas?


  1. Hmmm…. I tend to be on the overwhelmed and jealous spectrum, so I just avoid it altogether! Guess I need to work on being inspired! Good thoughts!

  2. Great follow up to the article I read last night about being yourself as a Mom! And I agree with you that pinterest has it’s place. I think the difference is active pinterest-ing vs passive pinterest-ing. Passive interest-ing is to go to your pinterest wall and see what others are pinning. That is not bad in itself but it is a virtual pit for us to fall into of a time waster, guilt tripper, &/or envy maker. And most of that comes from approaching it as a mindless thing to do. But to be an active pinterst-er means to come at it with an agenda. Pinterst is a wonderful place to find great ideas and to spark your imagination. So when you are looking for that great party theme, pre-school activity on a rainy day, or inspiration for remodeling a room go to pinterest and search. Search for a new pork chop recipe for your husbands birthday, but skip the guilt trip of what you imagine all the other pinners to be and just move on to being & doing what God intends you to be/do. And of course FB needs to be another place that we approach mindfully instead of mindlessly.

    • Love the concept of active vs. passive. That is how I do pinterest also. I need to work on the FB. :)

      “but skip the guilt trip of what you imagine all the other pinners to be and just move on to being & doing what God intends you to be/do.” — YES!

  3. As far as being overwhelmed, I make it a point to read blogs that I actually enjoy, and not just because I have to read a thousand blogs a day. I’ve been pickier as to whose writing I’m interested in. Not to say that those I don’t read aren’t any good; they’re just not my style.

    I sometimes get jealous when I see other bloggers with amazing success, but I usually squash that feeling by realizing that they too had to start somewhere, and that they’re great resources to learn from.

    • I agree, there are blogs that I seem to connect with better. Writing style, personality, etc. There is no way to read everything. The neat thing is that everyone has a unique voice and will attract a unique readership!
      Yes, everyone starts somewhere. :)

  4. I agree with Jennie (ans I think we also read the same article :) ) I have very limited time to read so I’ve completely cut back on Pinterest-ing unless looking for a specific need.

    As with the blogs, I’m considering removing the Facebook like box because of the temptation to compare the numbers. Silly I know. But I’m doing quite a bit of re-evaluation with my blog as part of my simplifying life. Talking with my husband on some ideas so we’ll see where that goes.

    But let me tell you, I’m finding your ideas quite helpful. So thank you :)

    • I use Pinterest the same way. It saves lots of time :) Yes, the whole comparing game can kill the joy! I look forward to seeing what ideas you come up with!

  5. Last night I read the same article as Jennie and Chelo (I’m assuming it was the same one–same topic, at least :-) ) and I think it’s so neat how that post and this post go hand-in-hand! Thanks for your thoughts and the encouragement!

    • I know! Apparently the comparing problem is a common one:) We can’t get too many voices telling us to stop. I enjoyed that article, too.

  6. I think it’s always a struggle for people to compare and blogging brings your stats and likes and pins all into the forefront so it can be easy to stumble but I agree that it’s all in perspective. I love to be encouraged and inspired by the gifts God has given each individual and when I am focused on that, I find that I like me just fine. Very good reminder about how we can gain inspiration if we have the right mindset.

    • “I love to be encouraged and inspired by the gifts God has given each individual and when I am focused on that, I find that I like me just fine.” LOVE that :) Thanks for stopping by, Alia!

  7. I’m visiting from Allume (small bloggers and comments) and I’m doing my “homework!” He, he! When I first signed up for Pinterest, it was so inspiring for me. However, recently as more projects ideas invade my head and I *still* don’t have the time or discipline to complete those projects, it has become overwhelming. I considered deleting my whole account, but I know at some point, it will be good for me to start searching and pinning ideas again!

    • Welcome, Kiley! Thanks for stopping by:) I think the way to use pinterest is like the comment above by Jennie. When you are looking for ideas for a party or a specific thing it is a great place to keep your ideas. When I am just looking around it definitely becomes overwhelming!

  8. I like the idea of focusing on being inspired. I’m not very crafty either so sometimes it’s easy to get overwhelmed or jealous when I spend too much time looking at the crafty posts/pins.

    • There are a lot of crafty people out there, aren’t there? And the before and after pictures of furniture makeovers, etc? I love seeing it, but I’ve had to come to grips that those are just not my skills. :)

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