Local charm in the fishing villages

We enjoyed visiting four of the small fishing villages that are just south of us. We could actually go to most of these by bus, but it is somewhat inconvenient, and since they are really small the time spent on the bus to get there wouldn’t really be worth it. However, they are darling, and on a warmer day where we could pack a picnic and enjoy the outdoors we might just be willing to do it.

This time, however, we were thankful to be able to duck back into the van to shield us from the crazy wind. It was a perfect day to visit because it felt very appropriate to have dark clouds hovering over us and wind ripping at our coats as we walked along the pier.

It was one of those days that you wanted to duck into a quaint tea shop and “warm our cockles” as they say here with tea and scones. But the thought of taking four young kids into those tiny tea shops is not terribly relaxing. So, I came home for a warm cup of tea instead!

One of my favorite parts of meandering through these small villages is the variety in buildings. On one small street, you have multiple different types of bricks and stone and roofs. It is so interesting to just take it all in and is a feast for the eyes!

If we had a car I would love to live in one of these villages. They are so quaint, rustic, and charming. Since that isn’t possible I’ll just enjoy the visit.



  1. Great pics!! Love the one of Silas. And of course the one where the kids are looking longingly across the water to France and Papi and Mimi’s house :-0

  2. Wonderful pictures! Yes, there’s nothing like “old Europe.” Truly love it! If I had to choose a photo of all of them, it would be “Pink House” next to the white one with black door and red geraniums. Love the reflection in the puddle and the variety! :) It’s great to “visit” these lovely places along with you and your family! Thank you!

  3. I’m loving all these picture posts! :)

  4. That wind gets REALLY cold!

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