May-June 2015 read-alouds

We’re still deep in Little House on the Prairie love around here!  We are enjoying nicer weather these days and trying to take advantage of that and we also have a move coming up which is taking a lot of my time. We’re still reading daily, just not in our normal routine.

FarmerBoyFarmer Boy was how I first introduced the series last fall. Stefan enjoyed it so much he asked me to read it to him again, so we did. I don’t get to read with him alone every day so this took us longer to get through, but we loved it. Two things I always think about when I read this book. One is that they work so incredibly hard. And the other is that Almanzo’s mom must be the best cook in the world. I mean, really, I can’t even imagine cooking all the food in that book!

TheLongWinterThe Long Winter was our next book in the series to read all together. Oh my. What a winter! I can’t even imagine how they survived. The kids were especially excited that this is when Almanzo and Laura’s lives finally intersect and of course Almanzo’s daring trip to save the town from starvation was a favorite part. Reading these as an adult I noticed the references to what we would now call Seasonal Affective Disorder. In the book it mentions things like not wanting to get up, feeling sleepy all the time, not even wanting to read, etc. Clearly that was from the lack of sunlight and since we deal with lack of sun here in the winter I found that interesting.

LittleTownLittle Town on the Prairie feels different from all the other books because suddenly the Ingalls family has a social life. Up to this point all the books are really just about their family nucleus with only minimal interactions with outsiders. In this one, they are very much part of the town social scene, which is an interesting change. Frankly, I thought the difference was kind of overwhelming, but I guess if you had been stuck inside during the long winter, you’d be trying to do as much socializing as possible too! 😉

LittleBritchesBrian also read Little Britches: Father and I Were Ranchers by Ralph Moody to Stefan. I wasn’t a part of that, but just thought I’d include it to recommend the book to you. It’s a great book for boys (though girls would love it too), and it was a really great father-son read aloud as it is mostly about his relationship with his dad. Be aware, though, if you have a sensitive child, that a very sad event happens at the very end. It is gentle, and sweet, but still very sad. This story tells about the family’s move from New Hampshire to Colorado and their struggles as they try to establish themselves in Colorado.  The men of the family say they loved it, and would definitely recommend it to you.

What have you read aloud to your family lately?


  1. I need to read the Little Prairie books out loud to my kids again – thanks for the reminder! Little Britches sounds like a nice read – I will look for a copy.

  2. I have often wondered if the sleepiness and “just sitting” in The Long Winter might also be some carbon monoxide poisoning? Being inside with coal/hay fire for so long during blizzards maybe caused any carbon monoxide that was there to build up? I feel like maybe one of those sleepy times happened when the house was buried in snow, so the regular cracks in walls wouldn’t have provided ventilation. Hadn’t thought about SAD though–that’s a really good point!

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