My game plan for the holidays

As crazy as it may seem, Christmas is ten weeks from today. I know, right? I’m a little in shock myself. As much as I would like to just soak up fall and not spend a moment thinking about Christmas yet, I need to get my game plan on.

December is a busy, busy month for us. Not only do the usual holiday events and traditions always prove to be busy, but Brian and I have our anniversary in there, and our oldest has a birthday two days after Christmas. And this year? Well, we’ll be meeting our newest little member of the family as well. It’s going to be fun!

I have visions of a very peaceful Christmas season enjoying hot cocoa and Christmas cookies with family by the Christmas tree. But it isn’t going to happen if I don’t have a plan.

My goal is to have all the buying, purchasing, and decorating done by the time Advent season starts. I have two reasons. I really want to just soak up this time as a family. But, secondly, I want to be prepared so that whenever baby decides to make his appearance, I won’t be stressed about buying last minute gifts. We’ll see how it all works itself out.

I have a little less than 7 weeks to have everything ready. And I don’t need to tell you how quickly seven weeks will fly by, especially since I’m moving a little slower these days now that third trimester fatigue has set in.This weekend I sat down and mapped out the next seven weeks so I know what to work on each week and I don’t end up just spinning my wheels.

Here’s my plan.

Week 1: (That’s this week!)

  • Make the gift list with ideas of what I want to get.
  • Plan a rough budget on how much we can spend on Christmas. Money is extremely tight, so having a plan is imperative or we will, um… stress a little. 😉

Week 2:

  • Decide on what we are doing for Advent and do the necessary preparations. We need to solidify exactly what we’re doing. We have loved doing the Jesse Tree and think we’ll do that again, but I didn’t bring our ornaments so that may require work that I’m not able to put in this year. We’ll see.

Week 3:

  • Do necessary planning for the baby. I have not gone through a single clothing item to see what I have! Yeah, that needs to change. Thankfully my mom is coming up for a week in November and I’m throwing most of this job on her. Won’t she love me?!

Week 4:

  • Plan Stefan’s birthday (gifts and cake idea are the biggies there)
  • Make my baking list (what is December without a whole lot of yumminess to eat?)

Week 5:

  • Menu plan the month of December. I’m excited that my parents and sister will be here for Christmas. Since I will have hopefully (!) just had a baby, my mom and sister will be doing most of the kitchen duty once they arrive, but I want to have as much of the groceries planned and bought as possible especially for the early weeks when I’m huge and just ready to have this baby already…
  • Plan decorations and figure out what I have available to me. (I obviously didn’t bring any decorations so I’m excited to use my creativity to come up with a warm and cozy Christmas house.)

Week 6:

  • Complete all the buying and ordering. We live in a small town and don’t have a vehicle to get into a bigger town for shopping, so most everything will be done online. (Yay for Amazon!)

Week 7:

  • Do all gift wrapping and decorate the house.

That’s my plan. We’ll see how closely I stick to it! I know I am going to want to have to put some of this off, but I really do want to have a peaceful Christmas season. I want a season that I can soak up cuddling a newborn, make fun memories with Brian and the kids, and have special times with my parents and sister. I therefore need a plan!

Have you started planning for Christmas yet?


  1. No game plan yet. I haven’t even thought about it. Thanks for the reminder, because we’re having company, too–D. and family. So, we get to prepare for a baby, as well!!! Happy thoughts! I’ll have to come up with something. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. No game plan, but I like yours!

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