Nurturing Creativity {A Giveaway!}

A few weeks ago after I wrote Creativity: A Key Component to Fulfillment, Renee, who blogs at FIMBY, emailed me and asked me if I would like to giveaway three copies of her ebook. I’m always thrilled to give you, my wonderful readers, something for free so of course I said yes!

I first read Nurturing Creativity: A Guide for Busy Moms back in March. At the time I was more inspired than anything else. It didn’t seem a guide to me, but rather a new way to think about creativity. It opened my eyes to see creativity, not as art in a museum, but as a knitting project, cooking, writing, painting, and so much more. A creative life.

It was extremely effective, because that, along with some blog reading, and some other books started me on a path to intentionally be more creative with my family and in my home.

I’m still a baby at it. In fact, you might laugh at what I call “creative.” But thanks to Renee, I am reminded that creativity starts with a little seedling and needs to be nurtured. It doesn’t have to be great works of art. Thank you, Renee, for reminding me of this.

In the past few months, I have been making intentional effort to be more creative. This has been happening mostly with my kids. I have bought a few supplies, and have planned several times in the week that we paint or do something creative together. I have been surprised at how much we love it.

In part, this is because Stefan is getting a little older and is able to do more. I find that we really enjoy creating together. I determined that I wouldn’t simply oversee their projects, but, as much as possible, I would do it right along with them.

I didn’t want to be a supervisor telling them what to do. And, really, that isn’t very creative if I’m dictating every step of the project. I decided that I would at least once or twice a week sit down with them and we would paint together. It has been fabulous! It’s not me telling them to be creative. It’s me actually being creative and them being creative beside me. And we’re both improving!

As I have bought a few more supplies (I still have a long list of things I want to get), and I have carved out specific times for creativity, my own creative spirit has started to come out. It’s still very tiny, but I see it tucked back in there somewhere.

I reread Renee’s book this past week so that I could write a better review and was really, really encouraged again. I love her story about how her children have brought out her own creative spirit. Because I see that happening in me.

Renee shares how we need to make time for what is important. If finding a creative outlet is important to you, then you have to make time for it. But she is also realistic about how this looks different in different seasons of life.

This is why I think I am suddenly enjoying creativity more. My younger two are still too young to do much, but Stefan is at an age where I am starting to see that being creative together will be fun. And, as someone who has always said I am not a writer, I have been shocked to find that writing here on this blog has born an inner love of writing.

Me…creative? That still, honestly, seems a stretch. But I have hope. And I want to nurture creativity both for myself and my family.

I was inspired and encouraged again this week after reading this ebook. But I was also given ideas not only from Renee’s experience, but also the experience of six other moms that she shares in the ebook. We can make time for it. Even if it is just baby projects.

This short little guide can be read in one sitting, but I know it will inspire you to nurture creativity.

Renee is generously giving away three copies to my readers. Thank you, Renee!

To enter simply leave a comment. You can tell us how you nurture your own creative bent. Or you can just say you want to win. Either way. :)

The giveaway will be open until Sunday, October 21, at 10 pm EST.

Thanks for reading, my friends! I hope you win!

You must be 18 years old or older to enter.


  1. Kristie Cliff says:

    Sounds like an inspiring read! Would love to win a copy!

    • Thanks Johanna! I love to be creative with my children. We do crafts often and even make up songs. Not only does it create an atmosphere where they feel they can express themselves creatively but it also brings us together as a family!!

  2. This looks like a great read! Awesome giveaway that I’d be honored to win!

  3. I would love to win this book!
    Right now, writing seems to be the main outlet for me. But if I had more time, I would pick up drawing/painting again. This book may just give me the spark I need 😉

  4. Leslie Wilson says:

    Awesome giveaway, Johanna! I think I get most of my creativity expressed in the kitchen these days. Pinterest has made it so much easier to pick out different foods and recipe ideas to try.

  5. I view personal creativity as a vital part of being “fulfilled” (a word I tend to not like to use much for some reason!) and refreshed as a person/wife/mom. Baking and gardening have been my two big things, but I have been more deliberate about sitting down with the girls and working with them as they make their “projects”–they can cut and glue for a long time!! And what a great giveaway–thanks for the chance!

  6. I love FIMBY and Renee’s approach to encouraging it in our kids. Thanks for sharing, Johanna!

  7. Sometimes I’m not sure I have any creativity to nurture! 😉 I would be glad to win, though! I like to bake and I love putting together a tea party, although I don’t do it too often anymore, because of the time factor.

  8. I love any blog entry you write about being creative, especially if it entails a giveaway!
    *grin* I enjoy being creative with my cooking, writing (whenever inspiration comes, which is seldom – any posts on how to get inspired?? :) ) music and artwork. I would love to win the book! Do I have to be US resident?

  9. As I am preparing for the arrival of our first child, I would love to gain some insight on sharing creativity with her!

  10. I would love to receive a copy of this book! I was very encouraged by your earlier post on creativity and would like an opportunity to explore this topic further. Thanks!

  11. Would love to read it. Always looking for creative outlets for our kids.

  12. I would love to win. I love learning how to be a better mom for my little one even if she isn’t “creative” yet.

  13. I’m with those who wonder if there’s any creativity inside to nurture! :) But I’d love to find it and nurture it if indeed there’s some in there. :) And I’ll need all the help I can get!! Would love this!

  14. Elizabeth Green says:

    My creative outlets seem to be through music and DIY projects around the house. My little dude and I have been painting together since he was 18 months – and he LOVES it! I’d love to read this book and see how I could foster even more creativity out of him. :)

  15. I’ve been aching to be creative lately, but as a new mom and just moving I’m finding it hard to do! Thank you for the chance to win!

  16. Your review has definitely peaked my interest. Thanks for sharing. Maybe I will win one. I never do so I rarely enter but hey I am feeling lucky today, lol.

  17. This book sounds like it would be wonderful! I am creative through my writing and cooking in particular. I have started painting fairly regularly with my kids too. And I am organizing the second annual Art Day in our area for home schoolers. yes, me who is not an artist, but is an organizer.=) Learning the basics with my kids has allowed me to feel free to attempt new artistic ventures.

  18. I need this to help me in this area -……creativity…..

  19. I love the idea of a creative life and would enjoy reading more about it!

  20. I visit Renee’s blog all the time and love it. I love everything she shares and would love to have her ebook! She is very inspiring!

  21. I love Renee’s stuff. :)

  22. JUST started a brand new blog myself, and I am a little intimidated since I really don’t think of myself as a creative person. I’d LOVE to win this book!!

  23. I’ve always lived being creative, but I think I need a little boost for this season of life! My free time (aka nap time) is for stuff that needs to be done. I need to get creative with my schedule so I can get creative otherwise!

  24. I love reading your blog Renee. I have a daughter who lives in Saint John, and who is a stay at home/homeschooling mom. I would love, love, love to win a copy of your book to give to her. :0 )

  25. To nurture my creativity I sew, write, and take hot baths with good tea and a book. I have to be well rested for my mind to work creatively. And it always helps if I’ve got good music on. 😉

  26. I love being creative. I carry knitting needles and yarn pretty much where ever I go.

  27. I wanna win, plain and simple :-)

  28. What a wonderful giveaway! Would love to win this book. :)

  29. I would love to win a copy of this book because this is not an area of strength for me.

  30. Would love to read anything that brings me inspiration. Thanks

  31. I definitely need help and encouragement in the creativity arena. Most of my ideas stay in my head. :)

  32. Being your cousin and all…. Just kidding. Scott and I went to a conference last February (the L’Abri conference) and at one of the sessions they discussed creativity in the home. Creativity is just another way of displaying how we are made in the image of God, our Creator. Many times I think I don’t have time for it, or I should be doing something else more “profitable”, but I believe God wants us to be image bearers of Him and being creative is a way I can image Him. Okay, I’ll stop… I would love this book!:)

  33. I used to scrapbook often, but currently most of my creative juices are only dreaming on Pinterest. :-)

  34. I love to do DIY projects when I have the time and since my daughter is 18 months now I’d love to get her started on some creative projects but don’t really knokw where to start. I’d love to read this book!!

  35. I always thought you were creative. Anyone who understands the nuances of music like you have since you were little is creative, believe me! Creativity rears its head in many ways. Remember your “bunny” room? That was creative! :o)

  36. I realize I relpied to someone elses comment. Obviously I don’t blog much.

  37. We love our family drawing nights! We just get out paper and crayons after dinner and doodle. It’s so neat to see the different kinds of thIngs we do and if Daddy gets in on it, the kids especially have a great time. :)

  38. Thanks so much for this opportunity. I could use all the help I can get in the creativity department. My seven year old seems to be pretty creative, and I would enjoy knowing how to encourage him.

  39. I’d love to read it (and win it too)!

    I read–I think that helps. I enter into my children’s worlds. I take times of quiet and just think. But I do miss being as creative as I was in my younger days–I used to compose songs, draw pencil sketches, and write poems. :(

    And I browse Pinterest. Ha! 😉


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