Pause. Take it in.

This Christmas eve I look around and appreciate the small moments that make up this beautiful season.

Candles burning.

 Bedtime stories by the Christmas tree.

Small hands working.

Cookies taking shape.

My blessings.

Siblings. Friends. Sharing cookies together.


As you celebrate today and tomorrow. Take a moment to pause. Taken in the smells. The noise. The chaos. The mess. And just be.

The gifts are wrapped. The planning is done. Now it is time to give your family the best gift you can–YOU.

Give them your attention. Your laughter. Your time. Your unconditional love.

Merry Christmas!



  1. Love the pictures of your little ones–and Daddy too! Will try to take it all in tomorrow. I have to swoop off to bake some pumpkin pies this afternoon. :o) Enjoy your Christmas with three little ones. Always fun!

  2. Merry Christmas!!!

  3. Merry Christmas Johanna!! beautiful pics :)

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