Put Your Earrings On!

I have this weird thing about remembering very specific moments. It usually isn’t a spectacular moment. In fact, often times it is rather ordinary. But I remember the details. What people were wearing, exactly what phrase they said, where we were, etc. Usually it is kind of nice, sometimes it is not so nice, and many times it is just down right freaky. Anyway…

Years ago, before I had any children, my sister-in-law commented to me that she didn’t feel ready for the day until she had her earrings on. She probably does not even remember saying that to me. It was not like we were having a deep conversation. It was more like a comment in passing. But it has stuck with me.

I have noticed that there is a direct correlation in how my day goes with how I dress. I like being comfortable as much as anybody. But pajamas or sweat pants all day? No thank you!

3 Great Reasons to Get Fully Dressed in the Morning

1. You will feel better.

When you get completely dressed, you are more ready to face your day. Whether that day involves washing dishes, playing outside, changing diapers, or all of the above, you will enjoy it all more if you take a few minutes to pull yourself together in the morning.

Do yourself a favor and enjoy your days. Don’t just trudge through them in your pajamas (or even semi-dressed).

2. You will be more productive.

I definitely get more done when I am completely dressed. Even hair, makeup, and yes, earrings. It does not matter if I am not going to see anyone else but my family in the day, I still get completely dressed. I would not go to a job not put together, so neither do I go to my “job” at home not put together. I am much more ready to tackle anything whether it is raising children or purging closets when I am fully dressed.

3. Your family will appreciate it.

It probably goes without saying, but your family will appreciate the fact that you care enough to get fully dressed. I can promise you that if you are married, your husband will appreciate it. Your kids will notice too. It is sending a silent message that you care enough about them to make yourself presentable.

I am not saying you need to wear heels around the house. Goodness! My back could not handle that! But do get dressed. Do your hair. Put on some jewelery. Do whatever it is that makes you feel like you are put together.

It only takes a few extra seconds to put on a necklace or a scarf, but it can really make you feel like a different person and can change your entire outlook on your day! Try it!

So go right now and put your earrings on! Oh, and the bigger the better. I love big earrings. :)


  1. Oh, yes! I totally agree with the earring thing! :) And, I forgot mine at home today. :( It makes me feel so tacky! Alas, I will live…right?! I notice even at school, as a teacher, the more dressed up I am, the better I feel and the better my students act. There is an amazing correlation! Not that there aren’t times to be casual…!

  2. Bekah McFarland says:

    This has always been my outlook too! Even if I know I’m not planning on seeing anyone I am in a much better mood if I do my make-up and have my jewelry on. If I’m in sweats all day I’m just tired and mopey! :-)

  3. Had to laugh at the title of the post–I knew just where you were headed. Though honestly, earrings (and make-up!) are optional in my view–I AM from the backwoods of Maine, after all! But I agree entirely with the principle–it makes such a difference for the whole family, and to concede, earrings/bracelets are my final touch on mornings when I am really being intentional about this idea! And I’m right with you with the freaky, verbatim memory!! Part blessing, part curse!

    • Oh I’m so glad to know that I’m not the only one that has the weird memory thing. And too funny about the makeup/backwoods of Maine comment! Whatever makes YOU feel put together. Just tell me you don’t go grocery shopping in your pajamas, please. 😉

  4. Ha!! Well, I’m not sure which of the other two chic SIL gave such great advice. I just know who is wasn’t!! Here I was feeling all dressy and ready for my day, even been out and around and I have no earrings on! UGH!! Someone better get me some! :) I do agree with, the bigger the better! — and I can relate with the pyscho memory thing too, although I’m afraid that it’s lagging in these mid-years! :) Well, I’m off to put on some earrings!

    • LOL!! I think your daughter is pretty good at picking some out :) And it was Ruth, btw… she probably doesn’t even remember, lol!

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