September read-alouds

One of the best parts about finally getting into a routine is getting back into our read-alouds. We’re still getting into our groove, but we still managed to read quite a bit, or rather to finish up reading quite a few books this month. Here’s what we enjoyed.

The Random House Book of Fairy Tales   As a collection of nineteen fairy tales, and over 200 pages in length, this is a solid collection. This is a great selection of fairy tales both with the very familiar ones and a few of the not-so-familiar. The stories are well told and are not too frightening (because some fairy tales are down right scary!). I didn’t especially love the illustrations in this book, but overall it was still a really good collection. I like to read various editions of fairy tales so I’d love our suggestions if you have a favorite collection! Thanks! (Note that the UK edition of this book is called The Walker Book of Fairy Tales)


Gooney Bird Greene by Lois Lowry is a fun, short read. Gooney Bird is a crazy second grader who loves to tell stories. Each story (chapter) is fun and entertaining as well as subtly educational on how to tell a good story. We had fun reading this and we were done with it in no time!




Homer Price by Robert McCloskey is a great, classic read. Stefan loved this book as I expected. It’s full of the crazy happenings of small town America. I think this is a story every boy wishes he could be part of. Whether it is the silly inventions, the doughnut maker that won’t stop making donuts, or houses that are built in a day, it is just plain silliness in the most amusing way. Great for young boys, but I think girls also enjoy it as well!



James Herriot’s Treasury for Children: Warm and Joyful Tales by the Author of All Creatures Great and Small  is a beautiful book to add to the family library. The illustrations are outstanding and the tales of animals are sweet. I view this book as the perfect book to read over an afternoon tea in the fall or wintertime. In fact, we’ll likely reread many of the short stories this winter. Children love animal tales and my children are no different. They loved the pictures and they loved the sweet stories of the Vet that all takes place, of course, in the beautiful England countryside.


Paddle-to-the-Sea by Holling Clancy Holling  (Caldecott Honor) was another favorite read. It’s very short chapters with large pictures make this a great book for very young children, or children who are not yet used to longer chapter books. This story is perfect for teaching the geography of the Great Lakes region. We followed Paddle-to-the-Sea’s progress on a map, but you could really turn this into a full teaching unit if you so desired. There isn’t a lot of depth of character in the book (it is a wooden canoe after-all), but it is a great read full of adventure on the lakes and rivers.



Have you read any great books lately? I’m always up for suggestions! Have a great day.

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  1. These have all been favorites of ours too! There are a couple of follow-ups to Homer Price and Gooney Bird. I think they are good first chapter books for kids to read independently too (and sometimes I’ve had good results with kids who aren’t sure they can tackle a chapter book alone, if I say “this is another one about…” and it’s a series they have already started with a read-aloud.

  2. We’re just about done with The Little House in the Big Woods. I’m so excited to be reading it together and we can’t wait to get to the next in the series.

    • We’re reading Farmer Boy right now….it makes me hungry every single night (they know how to eat!) 😉

  3. I love the James Herriot Treasury for Children! I need to look into your other recommendations.

  4. Thanks for the recommendations! I put some of them on hold at the library.=)

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