Snapshot of life #2

Outside my window…

We have had some unseasonably warm weather that has allowed the kids to be outside at least part of nearly every day. Their play has been full of great imagination with things from books we’ve read being played out in our yard and woods. I’m thankful for all the time they have gotten out of doors and even though this week the cold, windy weather has come back we have a lot of outside hours banked that make it a little easier!



How reading is changing my kids life right before my eyes. We’ve had some really great discussions lately from our reading. (See our February read-alouds) They have also had some very insightful and interesting imaginative play that often includes bits from our reading. It’s so rewarding. After years of reading aloud everything from nursery rhymes to picture books to longer books, it is so incredibly rewarding to be having some amazing discussions and true conversations with my kids. The impact of a reading life is unmatched.

The bump…

I am nearly 37 weeks and trying to wrap my mind around that. We are so very excited and now comes the “hard to wait” period! I’ve been trying to make my final to-do lists and making sure I have everything I need. With limited energy I am having to space out my preparations so it’s imperative that I start early! My outside social life (not that I had a huge one or anything!), has been severely limited due to some hip problems and being anemic, but I’m grateful that if I pace myself I can mostly meet the needs of my family. Except on the really bad days. And then I have a husband who swoops in and takes care of things. He’s amazing and I’m blessed.


The kids…

I’ve been spending a lot of time recently thinking about how I can love and nurture Silas specifically. He is my constant ball of energy and often gets himself into, shall we say, mischief? 😉  With homeschool and slightly later bedtimes helping me focus on the older two, and Elliott being baby enough that he needs lots of cuddles and rocking time, it would be easy for Silas to slip through the cracks. I’ve changed a few things about our day to make sure I have intentional time to help him get his energy out (oh does he have energy!), as well as reading and spending moments specifically with him.


We are in a good routine right now and I’m really hoping to just keep this up right until the baby is born. I’m not interested in sitting around ‘waiting’ for the baby, so the plan is just to carry on until we can’t! The kids are so much more settled and pleasant when we have a consistent routine so I want our time off of a routine to be as short as possible. We’ve recently  added this Apologia Astronomy book into our read aloud rotation. Stefan is currently very fascinated with this subject and we’ve been checking books out of the library. The great thing about this book, though, is that it is really conducive to reading aloud and then we can just talk about the new things we’ve learned. I use a form of narration to see what the kids are retaining, but it’s very natural and relaxed.



I’ve really had a lull in my reading. The extra fatigue that has set in has meant that often I pick up a book and fall asleep just a few pages into my reading. I’m still reading, just not making the kind of progress I usually do. Seasons. Reminding myself of that. :)


Listening to…

I’m listening to The History of the Ancient World: From the Earliest Accounts to the Fall of Rome. It’s around 27 hours on Audible so I’ll be listening to it for awhile. Since the kids and I are listening to the same time period in Story of the World Vol. 1 it’s been a great supplement for my own education.


Moment to remember…

This isn’t so much a moment as a stage. Elliott has just gotten into a really playful stage. It’s the most amazing sound to hear him just bellow out in a good giggle. Of course, every time I try to catch it on video he stops. Nothing sweeter, though, and I don’t ever want to forget it. He also loves to look at books and recently has started this thing where he flips through a book, pauses, and laughs out loud. He stops and moves to a new page and laughs again. It’s completely adorable.

That’s a snapshot of my life right now. What’s happening in yours?

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  1. I’m sorry you are having hip problems, as well as anemia! Hopefully everything resolves itself once baby #5 appears. It sounds like you have a really lovely home life set up, and that should benefit you once the baby arrives.

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