Snapshots of life #1

I’m starting a new set of posts. This is my catchall, doesn’t fit into any one category, but I still want to remember it post. Several other bloggers do this and there are several names floating around. For now, I’ll just use this and maybe I’ll come up with a better title for it in the future. 😉


Outside my window…

Oh you all. We have had the weather! Crazy, crazy wind in the past couple of weeks, some snow, and now we have warmer temps and even the occasional sunshine. It hasn’t been the best weather for pedestrian life, so we’ve been inside a lot. But I’m grateful that at least for the moment it’s looking a little better outside!

Thankful for…

Sleep. One night this week, for the first time in a couple of years (no exaggeration), not a single child woke up between 10 pm and 6am. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for this sleep. (With some sleep issues compounded by a tiny house which makes light sleepers wake easily, I am up an average of at least 5 times a night.) I don’t know when that will happen again, but I’m so grateful for this one night of restful sleep.


Stages of life and how it is impacting my experience with life as an expat. I think the fact that I am about to give birth to my second Scottish-born baby and have only been here a mere 16 months has me reflecting on how very different our family’s life as expats has been to many of our other expat friends. Not better or worse, just different. There is so much I could say about this. Maybe I will in a future blog post.

The Bump…

I haven’t mentioned baby number 5 much on the blog. Mostly because I haven’t been blogging consistently. But there is also that little element of processing that I am expecting a baby so soon after Elliott’s birth. It was a lot to process quite honestly. But at 31 weeks the excitement is gearing up. We are so eager to meet the newest member of the family! It hasn’t been the easiest pregnancy. Exhaustion has been greater than I’ve experienced in other pregnancies, and I’ve been dealing with some physical pain as well. I saw a physiotherapist this last week and have some helpful exercises to help me get through these last few weeks. I’m grateful for that, but walking is definitely something that is severely limited at the moment. And since we’re pedestrians, well, you get the point. Super excited to be on the countdown now and closer to meeting our precious baby.


The kids…

Every now and then we go through a spell where a child (or more than one) just jumps a few levels up in maturity, ability, and development. We are in that right now. With more than one child. It’s been such a fun time as I watch them each develop and mature in different areas, but I’ll admit it has my head spinning sometimes to keep up!


In conjunction with the afore-mentioned developmental leaps that a couple of kids have/are taking, our homeschool rhythm is adjusting to make room for the growth. In some cases, this means more structure to give them more stimulation. In other cases, it means more free time to give them room to grow on their own. It’s a balancing and juggling act. I suspect that that is what most of homeschool life will be though. Juggling the structured learning with the needed space for things to digest and grow. I’m really excited about where we are at and the year ahead. I hope to share more details about this aspect of our day to day. (Today felt like nearly a perfect day. I could appreciate it so much only because so many of our other days seem a little off!)


Reading right now…

To Change the World by James Davison Hunter

The Way of Boys by Rao Anthony

Running Scared by Edward T. Welch

I really need a good fiction book to balance this out, but none of the ones I have on hold have come in at the library. Slightly frustrating.

Listening to…

C.S. Lewis – A Life by Alistair Magrath on Audible

The kids are listening to The Complete Tales of Beatrix Potter

And I’m thoroughly enjoying The Read Aloud Revival podcast.

A memorable moment…

Sometimes I have these snapshot moments where no camera is available and really I wouldn’t want to ruin the moment by stopping to take a picture anyway. I’ve shared these occasionally on my Facebook page, and if the iPod was close by and appropriate to take a picture, on Instagram. I thought I would start sharing one in these posts.

We were having a rough day and kind words were lost in the irritations of life, siblings, noise, and chaos. I told my kids to grab their pillows, stuffed animals, and whatever else they wanted and meet me on my bed. And we lost ourselves in Laura visiting a store in town for the very first time in her life (Little House in the Big Woods). It was cozy, it was sweet, and the unkind words were forgotten. I want to remember the feeling of the very much over-crowded bed with kids and pillows and stuffed animals and Mom somewhere underneath it all reading aloud.

What’s a snapshot in your life look like right now? (And if you have a blog and have written a catchall post like this, please share the link in the comments. I’d love to read about it!)


  1. I loved this post! I have another blog friend who writes something similar, and I always enjoy it. Maybe I should start doing it on my own site.

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