Edinburgh, Consulate, and Travel as a Family of Six

This past week we took our first big adventure as a family of six. Actually, it was our first real day trip outside of St Andrews since we moved here in September. It’s sad that it took us that long to venture out, but moving when seven months pregnant does not make for easy traveling. […]

The Effect of Culture on Parenting (or A Review of Bringing Up Bébé)

Bringing Up Bébé: One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting by Pamela Druckerman is a humorous, enjoyable account of an American’s view of French parenting. Druckerman lives in Paris with her British husband. When her first child is born, she describes herself as a frantic mom. An earth-shattering revelation dawns on her while […]

Living Outside the Mold

Own a house on your own piece of land. Plant deep roots. Two cars. A steady income. You know. Be normal. I used to crave that. Can we just follow a normal young couple’s path, please? But that has not been my life. That has not been our lives. None of those things are true […]

Five (Free) Apps for Listening to Classical Music

When you walk into our home, I can guarantee you that what you will probably hear is classical music. We listen to it nearly all day long. I have already told you that it is so important for children to listen to classical music. One thing that I didn’t mention, though, is simply the aspect […]