Mother’s Day is not joyful for everyone

I’m on vacation this week, but I wanted to share this post that I originally posted last year. Mother’s day is upon us and hopefully we will remember to call our mothers, send a card, or in someway let them know we love them and are thankful for what they mean to us. Those of […]

Reasons to instill good habits in your children.

This post was originally posted in June. I am pretty passionate about this subject and I have some new readers since then so I thought I would repost. One thing I am striving to do with my young children is to instill within them good habits. I want them to be independent in their grown-up […]

Waiting Is Usually Better

Photo Credit We’re in a hurry. As an entire culture, we are consumed with how we can make things go faster. From technology to, and here’s the pitiful part, our children, we are desperate to rush the normal cycle of life. Faster. Everything needs to be faster and sooner. My friend and I were just […]

Including Our Children In Daily Tasks

A common question that I get is how and when do I start having my kids help around the house. My kids are still young so I definitely don’t have this all figured out, but it really happens fairly naturally in our home. I did spend some time thinking about how it works around our […]

Make a Fall Bucket List

I love fall. I love scarves, candles, sweaters, pumpkins. Just about everything. And I am eagerly anticipating the smell of simmering soups filling our house. There is something so cozy and warm about fall. It makes you just want to gather your family around you and enjoy the simple life. Last year was our first […]