Mother’s Day is not joyful for everyone

I’m on vacation this week, but I wanted to share this post that I originally posted last year. Mother’s day is upon us and hopefully we will remember to call our mothers, send a card, or in someway let them know we love them and are thankful for what they mean to us. Those of […]

4 Guidelines to Avoid Over-Commitment

You know I like to maintain a simple life in terms of schedules. I’ve shared with you our barometer for a too busy life, but that focused mostly on evenings and family events. Another nuance of the busy life is over-commitment. This is often a little harder to manage, because the things we are doing […]

Make a Fall Bucket List

I love fall. I love scarves, candles, sweaters, pumpkins. Just about everything. And I am eagerly anticipating the smell of simmering soups filling our house. There is something so cozy and warm about fall. It makes you just want to gather your family around you and enjoy the simple life. Last year was our first […]

Plan for Intentional Downtime

One of the biggest lies you can tell yourself is that in order to be productive you must always be working. It is really a myth that believes that the more hours of work I put in, the more I will produce. In theory, this makes sense. And for a certain amount of hours the […]

The Successful Passing of the Baton

The Olympics have been over for several weeks now, but I am still mulling over some life lessons. One of the events I love to watch is track and field. While watching the relay races, I was struck with how much talk there was about passing the baton successfully. I guess it’s no wonder. Some […]