Make a Fall Bucket List

I love fall. I love scarves, candles, sweaters, pumpkins. Just about everything. And I am eagerly anticipating the smell of simmering soups filling our house. There is something so cozy and warm about fall. It makes you just want to gather your family around you and enjoy the simple life. Last year was our first […]

Finding A Rhythm to Your Days

With summer coming to a close, we are starting to think about getting back into a more consistent rhythm. My husband starts seminary classes on Monday and we are off to another full year. With young children in the home, a routine of some type is extremely helpful. Not only does it help the days […]

2 Great Board Games that Don’t Require Reading

One of our Friday night traditions is to make pizza and play a board game. This is a little tricky because our kids are young. Finding games that are fun, but don’t require reading can be a challenge. Here are two games that we have enjoyed. Busytown uses the artwork from Richard Scarry’s great children’s […]

Easter Celebration!

It is Friday and I am looking forward to Easter weekend. We are still in the forming- traditions stage for Easter (i.e. I am welcome to suggestions!). One thing we do know is that we want Easter to stand out in our children’s minds and to be special. Christmas is a big deal because Christ’s […]