The Let-Down!

I hope you all had a lovely Easter! We certainly did! I know everyone is probably exhausted from Easter so I didn’t want to write too much today!

Earlier last evening my kitchen looked like this!

As I was cleaning up and doing dishes, I thought back on the day. My heart  overflowed with gratitude. I was grateful for a beautiful table, abundance of food, friends to share the holiday with, and more importantly a risen Savior. I reflected on our conversations and was amazed at how different each person’s story was, and yet so similar. God working in our lives, redeeming us, changing us.

Before I knew it, the dishes were mostly done.

Today we’ll be pulling ourselves back out of holiday mode. If you are having a hard time getting back into the routine this Monday, remember to be grateful. The mess and exhaustion means you had family and friends to celebrate with. That is a blessing.

Maybe you still have lots of dishes to do or the house to cleanup. Are you Overwhelmed? Do something. Or maybe you could just do a quick cleaning spree to get things back in shape.

Don’t let the let-down after a big Easter weekend give you the Monday blues.

And check out these adorable little chicks my friend made and brought yesterday. Aren’t they cute?

Today I have to deal with the leftover ham, and wash a few pans that didn’t get done last night. But I am still enjoying my Easter centerpiece, and that makes me smile.

What are you doing this Monday after Easter? Is it back to work? A big mess to clean up? Detox for your kids from too much candy?

How was your Easter? I hope you have a wonderful Monday!


  1. Weirdly enough, today I can access your blog! I am so happy! I enjoy the posts in my inbox, but not being able to read other comments or leaving them is a bummer! Love your perspective on Easter weekend. We really need to form some great traditions to make this stand out in all our minds. Thanks for the motivation.

  2. Well, we enjoyed our “lundi de Pâques” with our American missionary family. We had dinner here and then played games. Nice ending to a great weekend.

  3. Since my husband is a pastor and worked much of this past weekend he got the day off yesterday! We made a point for it to be a true day of rest and enjoyed beautiful weather at the park, hanging out with our daughter and even some low-pressure yard work. It was very refreshing and I’m hoping it leaves both of us less overwhelmed today.

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