treasuring a single moment when life is in transition

Stefan got the very first hug. :-)

One of the things about having a husband as a student is that life is transitional. I feel like I’m constantly having to remind myself that life is lived in ordinary moments, because we’re always planning and talking about the next thing. When we graduate, what next? Where will we move? What will we do?

For us, we have known that further schooling was in order, but there have still been so many unknowns that the “next step” topic creeps up in every single conversation.

This can be exciting and can feel like an adventure. But it is also exhausting. How many times I have thought longingly of the time when we will have a home and place that we will feel really settled and we won’t have to always be thinking about what happens next year.

Even in the car on the way to Brian’s graduation we were discussing our future path that still seemed so unclear. Little did we know that just a few hours later we would come home to an email that would make things very clear for us (more on that later as soon as plans solidify, but I can’t wait to share!). Suffice it to say that at graduation we were still very unsure what the future held.

After he walked back out, degree in hand, and the kids and I made our way to find him, I gave him a good, long hug. In that moment, there was no thought of what was next. We were simply sharing a moment of joy and gratitude that the job we had come to do had been completed. By God’s grace, we were done.

That is a moment that I will always remember.

Sometimes in the midst of uncertainty and transition the best thing to do is to simply slowly and consciously savor a single moment.



  1. lovely. :) and congratulations!

  2. Made me cry. Yes, savor the moments. :o)

  3. Eli Escuain says:

    I hadn’t seen this until now Johanna. So precious.

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