under the bed

The other day the kids were playing calmly together so I decided to quickly do a small de-cluttering task that has been nagging me.

Clean out under the bed.

We don’t have a garage, attic, basement, or storage unit so places like under the bed are prime storage space. (Mostly luggage…) But I knew that other things had migrated under there and it needed cleared out. If for no other reason than my peace of mind.

I was washing our sheets so it was the perfect moment to do a quick clean out.

A few things I realized.

  • A small job like that takes a lot less time than I imagine it is going to take. I was done in less than 15 minutes.
  • There wasn’t near as much clutter as I thought.
  • Even so, there were still several things to throw away. (There always is, isn’t there?)
  • It’s just the starting it that seems hard. Once I started it was easy and quick.
  • You sleep better knowing exactly what’s under the bed. I promise.
  • Do the job well. I decided to go through all the pockets of the bags. It was that much more satisfying knowing I had done the job well. Bonus: I found one of Olivia’s hair bows we had been missing!

I think I make things seem worse than they are. Really. I have been telling myself that I need to do this for so long, that I’d built it up in my mind.

It was so easy. Take everything out. Vacuum. Put things away that had migrated there no doubt with help from my 18 month old. Throw away a few random pieces of trash. Put everything back that belongs there. Done.

Do you have a random task that has been nagging you? It probably won’t take that much time to do. Just do it!

Don’t wait for the perfect moment. Just grab a moment when you can and you’ll probably realize it wasn’t as bad as you had envisioned.

And you just might sleep better, too. :)

Do you have a simple de-cluttering job that has been needing your attention?


  1. Way to go!! I decided that I would break down cleaning out the kitchen cabinets and drawers and do one every day so it wouldn’t be as overwhelming. I did a few days and stopped the project. I really need to get back to it. I have so many “small” projects on the list. I did clean out the bathroom drawers and trashed a bunch. I was kind of in the mentality if it wasn’t overflowing and messy, that it wasn’t a problem but it really was! I cleaned out all the drawers in the dresser too and found a key to my steamer trunk. Great news that I had a whole new wardrobe when I opened it. I should figure out what projects need to be tackled and write a list.

  2. I often find myself doing the same thing, thinking its worse than it really is. Thanks for the push to get something done!

  3. I’ve been tackling similar small (but nagging) projects around here lately (like cleaning out the pantry, the bathroom cupboards, etc.) It struck me a while back that sometimes I spend more time dreading the task and “rewriting” it on my mental to do list than I actually spend accomplishing it in the end. Better just to do it first. :)

    • Totally know what you mean. My goal of doing one thing a week, has really been helpful. I just find something to do (however small) and eventually I start seeing quit a bit of progress!

  4. I agree that the idea of doing is almost always more intimidating than just doing it!

  5. I totally agree, often it seems worse than it really is. So the build up is weighing me down. We have Ikea flat plastic containers under out bed that roll out easily, with the rule than nothing is to go under the bed unless it’s in these guys. Works great.

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