Walnut Holiday Decorations

You’ve already seen my citrus fruit decorations. I’m on a mission to figure out how to decorate without buying much.

We always love having a bowl of nuts around the holidays. There is something about it that just invites you to sit around the table cracking and eating, while laughing and having a good time. But is it just our family, or do the walnuts always get left behind? This year I found a different use for them! I’m enjoying the look they give to our tree.

These walnut decorations are so natural and are a nice addition to your decor.  They’re very easy and there are really so many things you could do with them.

Cut pieces of wire (I used floral wire) 1 to 1 1/2 inch long. Then fold it over to make a small loop.

Add a dab of glue using a glue gun, and then stick the long end of the wire loop down the walnut. I found that it was best to stick the wire down first before adding the glue, just to make sure it goes down easily. Some walnuts were really easy and others were a little more difficult. Once you know the wire is going to go in, pull it back out and dab the glue and then stick it back in.

You could paint them at this point too if you wanted. I didn’t have spray paint and I prefer the natural look, but these could also be pretty in red or gold, I would think.

Add some ribbon and enjoy some unusual ornaments! Or you could string them on twine to make a garland. I didn’t make enough for a garland this year, but I really like the idea. I might try it next year.

Or, possibly my favorite, use it to dress up some gifts. I love wrapping presents and making them look fun and pretty!


  1. I love your simple, natural, inexpensive decorations this year Johanna. Very pretty.

  2. Catching up on your recent posts!

    I love these, and I love the look of the oranges, too. There is something uniquely beautiful about using what we can find in nature. (Hana Kate was looking over my should and just said, “They’re good at making ornaments.” :) )

    We recently made these German Walnut Baby ornaments, which I posted on the Zylie Crafts here.

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