We’re moving to Scotland!

Yes, it’s true! I am so excited to finally share with you our next step. We have prayed, we have planned, we have worked hard (okay, Brian has worked hard), and now it seems almost surreal to say, but we are going. Well, that is if we have no problem getting our visas and all the other multitude of details that have to take place in the next couple of months.

We had come to the point that we really didn’t think it was going to be possible. Brian had been accepted at several really great places, but financially we just didn’t think we were going to be able to do it.

Then we found out that Brian was offered a partially funded scholarship! There are still many financial weights that we have to carry ourselves, but this made it significantly more possible. We knew it was now or never, and we really couldn’t let this opportunity slip through our fingers. Sometimes the right thing to do is to jump out into the unknown.

No, we don’t know how all the details will work out. Honestly, sometimes I’m afraid about the unknowns. Excited, but still afraid and overwhelmed.  I’m scared to share this even, because what if something happens and we don’t get to go? We’re confidently moving forward, doing our best to make the best possible decisions for our family, and trusting God to lead us each step of the way.

This fall, Brian will begin his research and writing for a PhD in history at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. He will be studying Reformation Era church history combining his love of history and theology. Our hope is that having this opportunity to study with some great scholars, to research and write in the land where much of the history he is studying took place, and to further his academic qualifications will be for the benefit of society as a whole as well as to the Church in particular.

We still have many financial and logistical things to work through. Please pray that all the pieces will fall into place.  We’re excited that God is giving our family this opportunity.

On a personal level we are very excited to give our family an experience living in another country, and we are also excited to be on the same side of the ocean as my parents for the first time ever. It’s not exactly next door, but close enough.

In case you’re wondering how old St Andrews is, it was established in 1413. The term that Brian begins will mark its 600th year. Yeah, that’s pretty amazing.

And now, I’m sorting, throwing, selling things, and generally trying to scale back our belongings.

It’s going to be a crazy, wild, wonderful ride.

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  1. Oh.my.word!!! This is amazing! I saw your title in my FB newsfeed and I may have squealed.=) I will be praying.

  2. Counting the days!!! So thrilled– for lots of reasons.

  3. Wow!!! What wonderful and exciting news!!! Will be praying for you all as the details come together. :-)

  4. Oh my goodness, what a most exciting blessing! I wanna go, too! Just to visit, though. :)

  5. So excited for you!! I’ll be praying for you.

    (But I think you’re wrong in your first paragraph. Brian has worked hard, but so have you, just in a different way.)

    • Johanna says:

      Thank you, friend! And yes, it was a mutual effort, but in that moment I was thinking more about the academic side of getting a strong application profile 😉

  6. Johanna, wow, wow and wow!!! I whooped when I saw the blog title on FB!!! You’ll be just a cheap Ryanair flight away!! We can do our coffee date!! 😀 And St. Andrews!! The university of universities!!!! What a privilege, what a blessing!! I’ll be praying that these next months go as smoothly as possible for you and for all the other aspects that a move like this entails that are to long to write 😉 I’m so glad you’ll be closer to your parents too. It’s exciting to know you’ll be in Europe, this side of the ocean :) Big hug, friend!

    • Johanna says:

      YES! I have been thinking about you. Ryanair is wonderful. :-) We’ll definitely have to get together while we’re in Europe! So excited. :-) (And thanks for your prayers–lots to do!)

  7. We are so excited for you guys, Johanna, and we will be praying for all you have to do to get ready!!

  8. what a fantastic experience — so excited for you guys! 😀

  9. Johanna,

    I’m so excited for you and your family. Just an idea: I have a friend who is getting his Doctorate at Oxford. He has a young family, so he needed extra funds to support them and pay for his school. He opened an account through fundrazr.com as a place for friends and family to contribute to their living expenses, tuition, etc. Several friends wanted to help, but they just didn’t know how. This allows people to contribute at anytime and just give money via PayPal.

  10. How exciting for your family!

  11. So thrilled for you guys! Will be praying that all the details & finances fall into place, in a way only God can direct. Yay!!! :)

  12. Hmmmmm… I have VERY mixed emotions about this!! :-)

  13. Your post title caught my eye immediately! My husband and I just began working with a mission organization focused on planting churches in the schemes of Scotland. While our current work with 20schemes is here in the U.S., my husband visited Edinburgh and Dundee in February and was captivated by the place.

    May God’s grace be abundant toward you and your husband as you begin this new adventure!

    • Johanna says:

      I actually thought of you, too. :-) I’m so excited about what you all are doing? Do you have any idea when you all will make it over there? We have a couple in our church who are planning to go there as well with 20schemes!

      • That’s really cool about the couple in your church! Our work for 20schemes is primarily building a foundation of funding and recruiting here in the states, but we are open to the Lord’s leading in the future. I’d love to get in on one of the Vision Trips, though!

  14. Johanna these are great news!!! Good!!! Brian is going to study Reformation Era church history with his feet on this land! it is amazing!!!!. I am so happy for you and your family!!! you will be closer to your mom!!! that is awesome!!! I’ll be praying for this. Oh sis I am rejoicing with you!!! <3.

  15. How exciting for your family! God’s blessings and care on all of you!

  16. Jo Frackelton (Morgan) says:

    Have been following Olivia’s progress and have continued to pray for you all. Can’t believe you’re coming to Scotland! Would be great to catch up with you :) We’re in Liverpool so not too far away x

  17. Wahoooooiiiieeeee!!!!!!! Ryanair, here we come :-)

  18. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so excited for you family and to get to hear about your adventure through your blog :)

  19. What an adventure you will have! St. Andrews is beautiful – complete with a stunning beach. I really hope you enjoy your time there!

  20. Wow! That’s amazing! Congratulations! I can’t imagine how much fun you are going to have! Way to step into the unknown!

  21. fabulous. I’m so excited for you taking a leap of faith.


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